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ABOUT Visual Thinking Inc. and The Visual-Lean® Institute

Established by Gwendolyn Galsworth in 1991, Visual Thinking Inc. (formerly Quality Methods International/QMI) is a training and implementation company, specializing in expert knowledge and know-how on workplace visuality. We bring those to you in the form of our books, DVDs, Online Training Systems, implementation protocol, train-the-trainer workshops, and other on-line and on-site services.

The Visual-Lean® Institute is our educational arm. Established in 2005, our Institute trains and certifies in-house trainers and outside consultants in our core visual workplace courses. Any of our train-the-trainer courses can be scheduled: 1) On-site for your trainers only; or 2) in a mixed-company group elsewhere. Each is taught in person by Dr. Galsworth and includes a complete package of instructional materials, including the associated suite of Online modules.

With nearly 30 years of hands-on experience implementing the visual workplace—and over 35,000 actual visual solutions in our database—our commitment is to provide you with the knowledge, know-how, skills, understanding, and confidence you need to turn your organization into a fully-functioning visual enterprise…where what is supposed to happen does happen because of visual solutions. Let the workplace speak.