Client Response

VTI conducts many on-site visual conversions to help companies—and the people who work in them—on their way to a fully-functioning visual environment. Here’s a sample of their responses:
  • “This conversion was one of the best experiences of my professional life. Everything changed for the better—and we have been able to hold on to our gains. Visual is fantastic—and so are Galsworth and VTI. “
  • “I think it should be mandatory for every one of our employees to attend (this workshop). It would really benefit everyone. A great presentation!”
  • “For over a decade I have seen hard-won lean gains erode and the ton of money this company invested lose its value. Visual has saved us from further erosion, enabled us to regain our momentum, and finally create a continuous improvemed work culture—something lean never did for us. “
  • “Gwendolyn Galsworth is an extraordinary speaker/presenter. She motivated me tremendously. She is an outstanding individual and impassioned speaker.”
  • “This is an excellent approach for any company looking to change its work environment in order to succeed in this competitive world!”
  • “Galsworth’s visual process has broadened my knowledge overall of what to expect from people and what I have to do to make my company work. No question about it! We’re looking at a complete cultural change. Now we know how!”
  • “The entire process has triggered a lively spirited debate that has allowed us to see what we were doing right–and more importantly where we were doing wrong in our journey to improvement.”
  • “I have attended many seminars on lean manufacturing and have chosen visual order as the path for our company. It’s the missing link for our focused factories and work cells.”
  • “Now that we’ve started, we just can’t stop the great ideas from coming—and we have a structured approach so we can make maximum use of them—culturally and financially.“

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