Visual Order DVD Training System (with Spanish Subtitles)

Complete DVD Training System Considered by many the most comprehensive visual order DVD training series available, the ten DVDs in this set are based on Dr. Galsworth’s highly-acclaimed book, Visual Systems: Harnessing the Power of the Visual Workplace.

Across these ten DVDs, you learn a complete process for launching, training, implementing, and sustaining powerful visual concepts, principles, tools and solutions in your company. The focus is on 5S+1: Visual Order—the indispensable first step on every company’s journey to a fully-functioning visual workplace.

Watch, listen, and learn as Dr. Galsworth shares a wealth of knowledge, know-how, stories, and tools in a highly engaging, self-paced manner. See over 500 actual visual solutions that help you and your team confidently and successfully implement visual order. Lear how to apply the methodology that eliminates motion (corporate enemy #1) in your company—and the information deficits that trigger it. Use these unique DVDs to create and sustain a workforce of visual thinkers. Listen to dozens of managers, directors, engineers, and operators share powerful insights and add rich detail about their own experiences with visual order in their companies.

Our DVDs come with Spanish subtitles for your multi-lingual workforce.

Learn how to define, implement, and sustain the visual where, step-by-step—as your workforce invents and implements powerful visual solutions throughout the company. Join the many companies who say: “This is 5S on Steroids!!”

Motorola in Sequin, Texas used this system and reduced $15 million of floor inventory in the first year
—and underwent a complete work culture transformation that continues to spread and flourish.

About The Author: Gwendolyn Galsworth, PhD, is author of many visual workplace books, including Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking and Work That Makes Sense, both of which have won the prestigious Shingo Research Prize. She is president/founder of Visual Thinking Inc. (formerly QMI/Quality Methods International) and the Visual-Lean® Institute. For over 30 years, Dr. Galsworth has been helping companies around the world implement visual workplace technologies, starting with 5S+1/Visual Order.

English with Spanish Subtitles
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Series Components:

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* Please note: The ten DVDs in this series are packaged singly or in pairs in a total of seven cases, as shown above.

Contents of Each of the Ten DVDs in this Training Series:

  • Promo DVD
  • Overview of the System

This DVD shows you the components of your DVD Training System and how they support a successful implementation of 5S+1: Visual Order®. (20 minutes)

  • DVD 1
  • The Basics of Visual Thinking

On this first DVD, Dr. Galsworth provides a set of basic definitions, describing what a visual workplace is and why it is crucial to the excellent enterprise, and showing dozens of actual examples to prove the point. She also explains what visual order means and how it not only creates a clean, orderly, and visually-inventive workplace that is tour-ready all the time—but also generates dramatic reductions in Corporate Enemy #1: Motion (waste). In this first DVD, the process of Visual Thinking begins. (60 minutes)

  • DVD 2
  • Laminated Map + S1/Sort S2/Scrub S3/Secure Safety

On the second DVD in the series, you first learn the importance of your company’s Improvement Time Policy in your visual success and how to use the Laminated Map to find and keep a tight implementation focus. Then you learn (and apply) the first three steps in the 5S+1 process: S1/Sort Through; S2/Scrub the Workplace; S3/Secure Safety. Learn what the first “S” actually stands for in the 5S+1 process. (45 minutes)

  • DVD 3A
  • S4: Select Locations (Smart Placement·Value Field)

In DVD 3A, Dr. Galsworth reviews key points on Improvement Time tracking, the Laminated Map, Motion Metrics, and then teaches the first three steps of visual order. Then you begin to learn about S4: Select Locations, Smart Placement, and the Value Field. (45 minutes)

  • DVD 3B
  • S4: Select Locations (What-Is Map Could-Be Map)

DVD 3B introduces you to S4 Mapping, showing you how to develop and then apply the What-Is Map and then the Could-Be Map to determine Smart Placement and improve the existing flow into and through your area by applying the formula: Function + Location = Flow. (45 minutes)

  • DVD 4
  • S5: Set Locations (Automatic Recoil)

In this DVD, Dr. Galsworth teaches you all about 5S/Set Locations—what it is, why it is important, and how to use it to implement the Visual Where. Another name for this is Automatic Recoil: the ability of a work item to find its way back to its visually-designated location, based solely on the location information built into it—a border, home address, and, if possible, an ID label. The Visual Where is the payoff for diligently implementing the first four steps of 5S+1: Visual Order®. (60 minutes)

  • DVD 5A
  • Inertia & Resistance +1 Sustain

This DVD teaches you how to deal with the inevitable by-products of change—inertia and resistance. Through the Parable of the Rowers, Dr. Galsworth describes common mis-assumptions people sometimes make as they begin their improvement journey. Then you learn about the first four of the Nine +1 Tools, used to build and sustain visual order and make it a way of life. (45 minutes)

  • DVD 5B
  • Visual Mini-Systems

After you learn about Supply Carts, another + 1 Tool, this DVD shows you how to create a Visual Mini-System—a cluster of visual devices, aimed at a single performance outcome and an excellent way to stay focused and involved. Lots of examples are shown. (40 minutes)

  • DVD 6A
  • Management Walk Checklists Empowerment

Now learn how to turn your Laminated Map “green” by installing two more +1 Tools: Management Walk and Checklists + Patrols. When you do, Dr. Galsworth explains, you also pave the way to sustainability through people involvement. She then compares and contrasts Top/Down and I-Driven management models—showing how to combine the strengths of each for a truly balanced, unified, and aligned workforce. (45 minutes)

  • DVD 6B
  • Case Studies: Harris Seton Denison Hydraulics

Now consider the visual case studies of three companies that have implemented 5S+1: Visual Order®, seeing their teams in action, applying the very methodology you are now learning. Dozens and dozens of actual visual solutions let you see the power of visual thinking “in action!” (45 minutes)

  • DVD 7
  • Customer-Driven Visual Order

The final DVD in our series teaches you about Customer-Driven Visual Order. Learn to implement the second of the two driving questions (What Do I Need to Share?) and help your internal and external customers and suppliers—the true customers of your information—feel safe, smart, and connected. When you do, you install an entirely new layer of visual information sharing in your area.

The result? You and your department “go-to-green” and achieve the highest level of Visual Order possible—even as you make it sustainable and go beyond it into more advanced levels of workplace visuality. (60 minutes)