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Our Online Training and Implementation Systems

Over the past thirty years, Dr. Galsworth has developed nine core visual workplace training courses.These are complete methodologies that have been proofed in companies large and small and filled with principles, practices, tools, and hundreds upon hundreds of real-world visual solutions. 

She has delivered these courses in person throughout the world. As you can read from the testimonials of our clients, these courses provide exceptional learning for everyone from managers, operators, and machinists to supervisors, field reps, and CEOs–with exceptional cultural and bottomline results.  

We now offer these courses on our new Online Training Platform: dozens of robust and engaging on-demand modules, rich in practical knowledge and know-how. They contain exactly the same materials that Dr. Galsworth uses when she trains on-site, except they are on-demand, available when and where you need them, and at an affordable price. Now you and your company can become self-sufficient in these methodologies, conveniently and at your own pace.

Two of these nine training courses are now ready for you and your teams: Work That Makes Sense/Operator-Led Visuality and Mistake-Proofing for Engineers (co-authored with Dr. Martin Hinckley). We will release additional training courses from the list below every quarter. Contact us for details

  1. Visual Leadership for Executives
  2. Visual Leadership for Supervisors & Managers
  3. The Visual Machine
  4. Visual Metrics/Visual Problem Solving
  5. The Visual-Lean Office
  6. Visual Scheduling/Visual Displays
  7. Visual Safety
  8. The Visual Thinking Management Course