Visual Thinking Inc. and The Visual-Lean Institute are dedicated to helping companies–large and small–on their journey to operational excellence through workplace visuality.

As part of that, we offer three suites for you to configure the modules.

Four Suites

We organized the individual training modules into four clusters or suites so you can tailor the content to fit your learning pace and goals. Buy a one-year license for a single suite or several.


Module 1: Visual Basics
Module 2: Visual Building Blocks
Module 3: Your Implementation Tool Box


Module 4: Problem & What-Is Map
Module 5: Logic & Could-Be Map
Module 6: Smart Principles 1-7
Module 7: Smart Principles 8-14
Module 8: Borders
Module 9: Address & ID Labels
Module 10: Inertia/Resistance/Mini-Systems
Module 11a: The Four Power Levels (visual indicators & visual signals)
Module 11b: The Four Power Levels (visual controls & visual guarantees)