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Is there a tried-and-true profile of a hero? A time-tested, widely-accepted persona that the rest of us can model ourselves after? Or is it possible, for example, for the hero of a tale to also be a Grade-A grump? Listen as Gwendolyn Galsworth shares her first-hand account of the shop floor story that taught her the answer and a lot of other valuable lessons. The grump in this instance was a machine operator named Charley and—harking back to the previous show on the value field—a gripping struggle over a table that everyone (except Charley) wanted to toss into the trash. Even though everyone in his union-based plant was trying hard to learn what R-E-S-P-E-C-T meant in everyday work, Charley’s case was so extreme that his co-workers decided to take certain liberties with that definition—and they lived to regret it. In this sixth show in her hero within series, Gwendolyn provides the telling details.

5S and Charley’s Table (Part 6/Hero Within)

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