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How involved should value-add associates be in making a visual workplace conversion a success? If you ask Gwendolyn Galsworth, her answer is: a lot! One of the major mechanisms for doing this is “The Visual Workplace Steering Team”—the topic of today’s show. Call this team what you will, it consists of hourly employees who volunteer to monitor the visual roll out in the enterprise and provide feedback and recommendations to help ensure its success. Its members collaborate with management to make sure the company keeps true to the cultural values and implementation principles it professes to embrace. While this team, by design, has no positional authority, it does have significant responsibility. In short: empowerment on steroids! Listen for details on: what this team is, how it functions (autonomously), what it contributes—and how it governs itself and learns to govern itself. Galsworth provides the fine points.

Empowerment on Steroids (1): The Steering Team

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