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Who has not heard the discussion of employee empowerment begin with the well-worn top/down pyramid and its seeming opposite—the bottom/up pyramid? The question is not which of the two pyramids to reject but rather how do we blend the two into a single framework of excellence. In this show, your host, Gwendolyn Galsworth, begins to map out that process and the new paradigm of leadership and participation that results. At the heart of that paradigm is the re-distribution of power, beginning with the role of executive—beginning with the role of executive as leader in charge of identifying, articulating, and driving the corporate intent. This is the realm of the executive WHAT and WHY. Contrast this, Galsworth urges, with the bottom-up or empowerment pyramid with its steady focus on the value-add level HOW: operational performance. This order of aligned enterprise is a perfect blending of the two.

Leadership & The Inversion of Power

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