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Over 70,000 people tune in every month to Dr. Galsworth’s internet radio show, The Visual Workplace.

Now in our fifth year of continuous broadcast, her weekly radio show has produced a library of podcasts, now available from this pagecommercial-free.

Our podcasts are lively, engaging, and informative. Together, they cover a wide range of visual workplace principles, practices, case studies, tools, insights, and examples. Some introduce you if you are new to visuality. Others take a deep dive for master practitioners.

Our library groups podcasts by topic or bundle title. New podcasts are added every month.

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1. Visual Workplace Basics 2. 5S on Steroids: Doorway 1 3. Smart Placement: Principles & Practices 4.  The Visual Where: Borders & Addresses 5. Build Infrastructure, Empower & Sustain 6. Visual Leadership: Introduction 7. Visual Leadership: Metrics & Problem-Solving 8. Visual Leadership: Executive Function- X-Type Matrix / War Room / Roadmap 9. Becoming a Brilliant Visual Workplace Trainer 10. The Visual Machine 11. Gwendolyn’s Special Commentary 12. Lean Alone Is Not Enough 13. Special Implementation Issues