Train-The-Trainer: Self-Sufficiency in Workplace Visuality

When self-sufficiency in the technologies of workplace visuality is your goal, there is no better way than to become licensed and trained in any of our the nine core visual workplace courses--or all of them.  Part of the excellence curriculum at the Visual-Lean Institute, these courses give you the materials and methdologies you need to create a a fully-fucnctioning visual enterprise, including on the leadership and operator levels. 


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Our aim is to transfer our knowledge and expertise to you and your company so that you know how to plan and train for, implement, troubleshoot, and support a fully-functioning visual enterprise. At our institute, you not only get world-class training, but you and your company acquire complete sets of instructional materials and on-going support. We succeed when you do.


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On a budget? Get the same high-quality instruction from our complete stand-alone webinar training systems. Build your instructional self-sufficiency. 

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