“Great Subject – Great Teacher”

Rob Lee, Lean Manager, Tapco Group

“This is great stuff. It fills a gap in our Lean offering. We tell clients that making everything visual is important. And we may help them create some visual aides. But we’ve never had a training system doing that effectively. This is it! VTI’s approach will allow us to re-invent ourselves with existing old clients with whom we’ve done basic 5S work, especially if it has stalled.”

Cynthia Christie, CAMT (Colorado MEP)

“The material and instruction of this course are outstanding.”

Daryl Racine, Trainer, Westrock

“This week has been a great learning experience. I taught lean principles for years but never knew visuality is a strong as lean. The methodology taught this week has strengthened my thought process and will allow me to continue to be a valuable asset for my company. There is power behind visuality that can pull all levels—from management down to operators—together onto the same playing field. At that time success will be inevitable”

Michael Lee, Plant Manager, TapCo Group

“This is a powerful tool to train your clients on, so they can realize the full potential of lean by meshing the visual/cultural gains of a visual workplace and capturing the spirit of the workforce”

Todd Allen, CAMT (Colorado MEP)

“The learning experience for me this week has been awesome! To understand the application of the principles of visual workplace and visual thinking and how the tools can help develop and empower my team to become a world class organization is enlightening.”

Donald Peterson Jr., Plant Manager, Tapco Group

“I have practiced Lean Manufacturing for many years and pushed the implementation of 5S almost as long. I always thought that I had a good grasp on what needed to be done to have a successful project. Now I have learned that the visuality in the workplace I was missing is enormous. All this time and I was missing a fundamental tool. The idea and terminology of patterns makes so much sense that it is shocking how this has gone on for so long.”

Kevin Niles, Quality Manager/LEAN Implementer TapCo Group

There is no better way to transform value-add associates into high-performing visual thinkers and implementers than by training them effectively in our Work That Makes Sense System (WTMS). And no more affordable way than having your own instructors and coaches trained and certified in how to do it themselves.

Arrange for our five-day WTMS Train-The-Train (TTT) process to be conducted onsite at your own company. Or send a pair of trainers to our five-day public TTT. When self-sufficiency is your goal, this is the way to do it.

All WTMS train-the-trainer events are personally taught by Gwendolyn Galsworth.
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Three Ways to Get Your Trainers Trained & Certified

1 WTMS License + Materials

 1 WTMS License + Materials + Train 2 of Your Trainers 

3 WTMS License + Materials + Train 10 of Your Trainers