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The Nine Core Courses in Workplace Visuality

The Nine Core Visual Workplace Courses
The Nine Core Visual Workplace Courses

When self-sufficiency in the technologies of the visual workplace is your goal, there is no better way to do that than to become licensed and trained in the nine core visual workplace courses we offer at The Visual-Lean Institute, our educational arm.


The Institute offers train-the-trainer and licensing to both in-house trainers and independent external consultants in any of our nine core visual workplace methods or courses. Each course focuses on a specific visual technology, teaching the required concepts, principles, and skills for you to train and support the course in your own company or for your own clients. All train-the-trainer courses are held at a host company facility and include practical hands-on applications at that host site.

Each course ranges from three to five days in length and is designed and taught by Dr. Galsworth. Your registration includes a full package of instructional materials, including an array of fully-animated PowerPoint modules, a Resource Folio (with customizable exercises and forms); a fully-scripted Teaching Guide, pdf files for producing Participant Manuals and Instructional Wall Charts, and more. These are exactly the same materials Dr. Galsworth uses when she trains her clients.


Here are descriptions of three of the nine core courses. Click on each to read more. 

  • Course 1:  Visual Thinking/Visual Thinking Briefing, Site Assessment & Pre-Launch Planning
  • Course 2:  Visual Workplace/Visual Order Implementation Suite
  • Course 3:  Work That Makes Sense Implementation Suite

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Course 1: Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking Seminar, Site Assessment & Pre-Launch Planning

Workplace visuality is the language of the excellent enterprise made visual, imbedded into the process of work. In this first of our nine core courses, you learn how to introduce others to visuality through VTI’s flagship seminar: Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking (VWVT).


This 3.0 day VWVT course prepares you to present the 8-hour VWVT Seminar to the public or in your company. You will learn the basic definitions, concepts, principles, and frameworks of Dr. Galsworth’s approach to the visual workplace. Over one hundred actual visual solutions are shared. This is the same material she presents at her public seminar and on-site seminar of the same name.


In addition to this detailed introduction, trainers learn how to market visuality to interested companies and skeptics, anchoring the universal appeal of visuality with the dazzling business benefits that often result. The second part of the training focuses on getting clients ready for a successful visual conversion roll out.


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Train-the-Trainer: Course 1
Train-the-Trainer: Course 1

Course 2: Visual Workplace/Visual Order Implementation Suite (5S+1:Visual Order)

       “VTI’s visual order approach is like 5S on steroids!”   Aleta Sherman, CAMT, Boulder, Colorado


The first doorway or visual workplace level is visual order, a methodology  wholly owned by line-associates—those employees who work on the value-add level. Apply the process called 5S+1 and produce the outcome called the visual where or automatic recoil, as Dr. Galsworth sometimes calls it.


Do not confuse visual order with industrial housekeeping, workplace organization or traditional 5S or 6S. They are very different. The difference is both in content (knowledge) and in how that knowledge is applied (the implementation approach). I do not mean to suggest that the VTI system is superior to all others. It does, however, have several core elements that make it distinctive from the others.


Based on the results of dozens of successful implementations, this VTI conversion approach produces highly effective and sustainable outcomes across a range of work venues—including discrete manufacturing, military depots, forges, continuous process manufacturing, and hospitals.


This 5.0 day train-the-trainer course instructs participants in the details of not only how to teach and coach the concepts, principles, tools and practices of 5S+1/Visual Order—but as importantly how to prepare for and then support and sustain this important visual conversion. Core to this is establishing (or strengthening) an enterprise-wide infrastructure for daily improvement, addressed as a module of this course.


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Train-the-Trainer: Course 2
Train-the-Trainer: Course 2

Course 3: Work That Makes Sense/Operator-Led Visuality

Does this sound familiar? You invest resources in operator-engagment—and lots of hope—but can never seem to get the workforce past neat, clean and orderly. You have a world-class 5S audit—but it doesn’t seem to get world-class results. Operators seem bored or even fed-up with traditional 5S. You know the company wants and needs “something more”—a process that challenges people’s intelligence and triggers inventiveness while having a measurable bottom-line impact. This is a sure sign that your company is ready to get visual and you are ready to help them. You are ready for Work That Makes Sense.


Based on Dr. Galsworth's award-winning book of the same name, Work That Makes Sense (WTMS) is a complete instructional package that teaches operators how to convert their work areas into robust, highly-functioning visual work environments—and shows you and your supervisors how to sustain and extend them.


Through a series of learn-and-do sessions, value-add associates learn how to convert their work areas into robust, highly-functioning visual work environments.


This WTMS train-the-trainer course is anchored in Galsworth’s unique I-driven approach and the visual principles and practices she has developed across nearly three decades of hands-on implementations and research in the field. As the result of learning and implementing these, companies undergo powerful cultural conversions from the operator-level up that often produce 15%-30% increases in productivity. 


This 4.0 day train-the-trainer (TTT) course prepares in-house and independent trainers alike to train, lead, implement, coach, and support this visual conversion method. Tangible results are often achieved in as little as one month for more advanced companies—and three to six months with clients that have just begun theri journey to operational excellence. 


Click here for our Special WTMS/TTT in August 2014 in Porltand, Oregon

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Train-the-Trainer: Course 3
Train-the-Trainer: Course 3
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