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Compelling, natural leaders are rare in any field, including business and industry where a flood of priorities compete for resources and attention. A closer look reveals that many are trying to manage their way from year to year—and have not yet found a viable framework that will allow them to lead—or learn how to lead.

Visual leadership provides the enterprise with the principles, practices, and tools needed to grow the corporation without sacrificing daily operational goals or the long-term business case. Whether executive, manager or supervisor, the visual leader is a leader of improvement.

For the past two decades, Dr. Galsworth has taught the principles of the Visual Leadership/Becoming a Leader of Improvement System to the heads of Lockheed-Martin, Johnson & Johnson, Motorola, and Sears, to name a few—as well as to owners and site managers of small and medium size companies.

In the process, she has developed a set of highly-effective principles, practices, and tools that are specifically designed to help managers, supervisors, and executives build skill and competency in leading on their level.

The Becoming a Leader of Improvement Online Training System, which is divided into two parts (one for executives and the other for supervisors and managers) includes: 1) an introductory overview of this powerful leadership paradigm; 2) a seven-element behavioral model that defines the improvement-leadership function—first for managers and supervisors and, separately, for executives; and 3) seven powerful visual practices/tools (three for executives and four for managers/supervisors). When deployed, these seven visual leadership tools tightly connect improvement activity with business results, even as they groom high‐performing leaders who can—and want to—be held accountable for finding, focusing, and driving strategic growth, tactical improvement, and the corporate intent. See below box below for list of modules.


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Purchase individual modules or the entire system.

  • $500 per module (one-year license)
  • $2,500 for the series: Visual Leadership/Executive Function (5 modules)
  • $2,500 for the series: Visual Leadership/Supervisor* Function (6 modules)
  • $4,000 for the complete Visual Leadership System (Executive + Supervisor)

When you purchase the complete system ($4,000), you receive absolutely FREE:

  • Introduction to Visual Leadership, a 1.5 hour webinar that overviews the model, its purpose, and its elements
  • The Visual Leadership Resource Folio of customizable forms, checklists, templates, and exercises
  • A file set of 12 full-color/large scale Visual Leadership wall charts in a pdf format which you can reproduce at will

Your download of Dr. Galsworth’s four Visual Leadership podcast bundles (more than 35 podcasts)


   The Visual Leadership/Becoming a Leader of Improvement Online Training System

Overview Module: Introduction to Visual Leadership


   Visual Leadership: The Executive Function (5 modules)

Exec Module 1-Visual Leadership Overview

Exec Module 2-New Role Description for Executives (7 Elements)

Exec Module 3-Visual Tool 1: Operations System Improvement Template

Exec Module 4-Visual Tool 2: X-Type Matrix

Exec Module 5-Visual Tool 3: Visual War Room


    Visual Leadership: The Supervisor* Function (6 modules)

Supervisor Module 1-Visual Leadership Overview

Supervisor Module 2-New Role Description for Supervisors & Managers (7 Elements)

Supervisor Module 3-Visual Tool 1: Visual Scheduling/Visual Displays

Supervisor Module 4-Visual Tool 2: Visual Metrics

Supervisor Module 5-Visual Tool 3: Visual Problem Solving

Supervisor Module 6-Visual Tool 4: Operations Improvement Roadmap

* Managers and supervisor are referred to as supervisors in this series