Visual Workplace DVD Training System (Spanish Subtitles)

Complete DVD Training System
Complete DVD Training System
Considered by many the most comprehensive DVD training package on workplace visuality available, this system is based on Dr. Galsworth’s highly-acclaimed book, Visual Systems. It provides a complete process for launching, training, implementing, and sustaining powerful visual concepts, principles, tools and solutions in your company. The focus is on visual order—the indispensable first step on every company’s journey to a fully-functioning visual workplace.

Across ten individual DVDs, Dr. Galsworth shares her expertise with you in a highly engaging, self-paced manner. See and understand more than 400 actual visual solutions and mini-systems. Listen to dozens of managers, directors, engineers, and operators share powerful insights and practices about their visual order implementation.

Energize, inspire, and inform your workforce to invent and implement powerful visual solutions throughout the company.

Motorola in Sequin, Texas used this system and reduced $15 million of floor inventory in the first year—and underwent a complete work culture transformation that continues to flourish.

English with Spanish Subtitles.

Price: $3,600 (+ shipping)

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System Components: Everything You Need to Achieve and Sustain Visual Order

Here is what is comes in each system.
  • 10 Video Training Modules (with 400+ actual visual solutions), totaling nearly ten hours of instructions, actual examples, case studies, tools, interviews, insights, methods, and hands-on exercises.

  • 5 Associate Handbooks (230 pages, with 200+ photos)

  • 2 Visual Order Audio CDs on Training and Leading an Effective Visual Implementation

  • 1 Comprehensive Instructor Guide (250 pages of detailed lesson plans and guidelines)

  • 1 Visual Workplace/Visual Order Tool Kit CD (planning check sheets, forms, checklists, exercises, team instructions, training tools)

  • Dr. Galsworth’s book, Visual Systems

  • Bonus Book: Dr. Galsworth’s Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking

  • Bonus Video Module: System Overview