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Shingo Prize Research Recipient
Shingo Prize Research Recipient
Many companies underestimate the strategic importance of the visual workplace, often reducing it to a mere set of devices that visibly separate abnormal from normal conditions. As we learn from Gwendolyn Galsworth in her book, Visual Workplace • Visual Thinking, workplace visuality is much more.


Awarded the prestigious Shingo Research Prize, this full-color book which contains over 200 actual visual solutions, brilliantly details the entire system of thinking—the model—that Galsworth has developed out of nearly three decades of research and training. The result is a comprehensive strategy for eliminating waste (Galsworth calls it motion), sustaining lean gains, and creating a work culture of continuous improvement. 


Across this book’s eight chapters, you learn about building a fully-functioning visual work environment from the ground up—from visual order, visual standards, visual displays, visual metrics, visual problem solving, visual controls, visual pull systems, and culminating in visual guarantees (poka-yoke devices). These visual workplace technologies are positioned where they belong—as powerful partners to your company's journey to excellence and a crucial ally of lean.


Whether yours is a factory, military depot, hospital, bank, open-pit mine, college or accounting office, this unique book shows you what it means to transform your company into a visual work environment and develop a workforce of visual thinkers—from CEO to operator, from engineer to supervisor.


236 pages, with over 200 full-color photographs + 50 full-color figures & charts. Perfect Paperback. Size: 6.5” x 9”. (Visual-Lean® Enterprise Press, 2005)


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