Work That Makes Sense: Operator-Led Visuality Book

Winner: Shingo Prize Reseach Award
Winner: Shingo Prize Reseach Award
Winner of the 2011 Shingo Research Award, Work That Makes Sense teaches how to go beyond 5S and train, implement, coach, support, and sustain visual inventiveness on the operator-level. This is a must-read for all levels of the organization.


Based on nearly 30 years in the field, author Gwendolyn Galsworth, foremost authority on workplace visuality, provides value-add associates with a methodology and hundreds of full-color actual visual solutions for converting their own work areas into visual workplaces. The result? Visuality becomes the imbedded language of operational excellence—and the workplace speaks.


Work That Makes Sense is addressed directly to the real experts of day-to-day work in your company—front-line associates—showing them what a visual workplace is, why it’s important to their daily work, and how to create one. Bonus material spells out sixteen key tasks for leaders so they can pro-actively coach and support the conversion.


Whether you work in a factory, hospital, bank, engineering office, military depot or open-pit mine, expect a 15% to 30% productivity increase on the departmental level—along with soaring employee empowerment. As Galsworth puts it: Get ready for a spirited and engaged workforce.


Across eleven excellent chapters and over 500 full-color examples and charts, you learn a clear and complete step-by-step protocol for transforming organizations into well-functioning visual workplaces—and operators into visual thinkers of the first order. In fact, these thinkers are doers: employees who want, are able to, and do create hundreds, even thousands, of visual devices that put them in control of their corner of the world.


If there is one book to buy to advance your excellence journey, Work That Makes Sense is it.


236 pages, with over 500 full-color photographs + 50 full-color figures & charts. Perfect paperback. Size: 7.5” x 9.5” (Visual-Lean® Enterprise Press, 2011)

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