Shingo Prize Visual Workplace Online Course

Many people have heard about the visual workplace, and some have even seen elements of it action. But not many understand the science of visuality—why it works, how it works, and why you need it. Even fewer know how to build a workplace that speaks through a workforce of Visual Thinkers.

Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking is the newest online course in the Shingo e-curriculum, created and narrated by leading visual expert and author Gwendolyn Galsworth, author of the book by the same name. This powerful program introduces you to core visual terms, concepts, principles, frameworks, plus the logic and methods that imbed them directly into the landscape of work.

Over nine detailed  modules, you will learn principles and practices of workplace visuality and study over 250 actual visual solutions from companies undergoing a visual conversion. Learn how visual devices translate information into exact behavior— and gain an understanding of the categories of visual function so you can better diagnose your current level of visuality and chart your next steps.

          You’ll learn about:

  • The ten doorways into a visual workplace
  •  The difference between metrics that monitor and metrics that drive
  •  I-Driven inventiveness (the kind that lasts)
  • How to build adherence into operations and sustainment into your lean gains
  • How visuality works with the Shingo model to create, align, and sustain a spirited, engaged and empowered workforce across all organizational levels.

Discover the five powerful reasons Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking consistently delivers impressive bottom-line results, on and off the production floor.

Benefit from Dr. Galsworth’s nearly 30 years of hands-on experience investigating, clarifying, naming, codifying, and integrating the technologies of the visual workplace. She discovered why and how they work and now shares that with you. This convenient and affordable online course provides a gripping introduction to this revolutionary topic, illustrating why visuality is regarded as indispensable on every company’s journey to operational excellence.


Introductory Rate: $250 per person* (regular price: $475)

Group discounts available: whether your company has 50 employees or 5,000, ask about our group discounts and experience this powerful online course.

* Price subject to change


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