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Addresses & ID Labels Package
Addresses & ID Labels Package

In far too many companies, addresses are overlooked or merely given lip service. It is not enough, for example, to throw some parts on a shelf, hang a sign that says "parts storage," and leave the rest to other people to figure out. This non-approach is not just inadequate—but a sure prescription for accidents, mix-ups, defects, long downtime, long lead time, unhappy employees, unhappy customers, and plummeting profit margins. Like a road map without names on it, shelves, racks, benches, cabinets, drawers, walls, and floors may hold items we vitally need—but without excellent addresses we have no clear way of finding them.


In this webinar, learn how to create and implement home addresses (and associated ID labels). Learn about the waste—the motion—that gets triggered when these are inaccurate, unreadable, incomplete, weak, or simply absent from the workplace. See over 150 visual devices that cover a wide range of identification needs, across many work settings. Some are highly specific, others very general—but all of them are useful and many are excellent, brilliant, and even unsurpassed.  


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Note: We've listened to your feedback! The material on the three CDs (shown upfront in the photo) is now conveniently delivered on a single USB drive. Thanks for the great idea!  

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