VisualEdge: Five Reasons for Workplace Visuality

Five Reasons for Workplace Visuality
Five Reasons for Workplace Visuality
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Visuality works for five main reasons:


1. It creates measurable and significant bottom-line results.

2. It provides a strategy for widening and sustaining improvement gains—lean gains.

3. It can trigger high, often dazzling, levels of inventiveness —even on the 5S level.

4. It is universal—there is no company or person visuality cannot help.

5. It provides a broad framework for leadership, empowerment, and cultural transformation.


In this VisualEdge Package, you come to understand each of these reasons in depth so you can better understand exactly why and how visuality creates powerful transformations on the departmental and companywide levels. From impressive bottom-line business benefits to the revitalization and alignment of your work culture, visuality is the workhorse of sustainment—even as it triggers dazzling levels of creativity on all organizational levels.


Effectively implemented, workplace visuality is the gateway to enterprise-wide excellence.


Per Package Price: $995 (+ shipping) (Please allow seven business days before shipping.) 

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Note: We've listened to your feedback! The material on the three CDs (shown upfront in the above photo) is now conveniently delivered on a single USB drive. Thanks for the great idea! 

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