Praise from Attendees

This seminar exceeded my expectations, extremely. It offered a wealth of valuable methods and information to help in a successful lean journey.  Dr. Galsworth has a tremendous, tremendous talent for this business, and I am very grateful to have been able to attend.

Elizabeth, VP/Strategic Improvement, Metropolitan Medical Center  


 This is a “must attend” seminar. Everyone comes away with a ton of ideas about how to implement a visual workplace. Thank you for using all the visual pictures and for sharing your knowledge.

Stephen, Senior Business Analyst,  Global Supply Chain  


 The past two days have revealed many truths about the visual workplace. It is exciting to think about the opportunities for improvement at [our company], using many of the techniques discussed by Dr. Galsworth.

Gina, In-House Trainer, Lawn Equipment  


 Many of the before and after photos have opened my eyes to the power of visuality. I’m looking forward to opening most of the doors and eliminating motion.

Andy, Plant Manager, Steel Fabrication  


I’m amazed at how much content has been presented in such a short time. The opportunity to improve our processes based on what learned today is overwhelming.

Stewart, Director/Quality Improvement, Prototype Production   


One of the many, many things that struck me about the material that Gwendolyn presented is that the trick to getting people on board—to getting  people do this—is to get each person to think visually on his/her own and not put them in groups in order to come up with ideas. This is revolutionary.

Patrice, Union Steward, Military Depot

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