Site Assessments

With nearly 30 years in the field of workplace visuality, Dr. Galsworth is often invited to conduct a formal site assessment. These diagnostic visits fall into three types. Contact us for details. 


Type 1: New Site Assessment and Planning.  If your company is renovating a site or planning to build a new one, it’s an ideal time to arrange for VTI's assistance to ensure that, from the outset, sound visual workplace principles are integrated into the macro-layout and infrastructure. 


Type 2: Visual Competency Assessment.  A formal assessment of the existing level of visual competency in a company can help an organization understand which steps to take next in its current Lean or Six Sigma roll out—or for launching a viable visual conversion.


Our proprietary assessment instrument (Comprehensive Visual Competency Diagnostic Survey) checks a company's visual readiness levels across 24 parameters and practices. We deliver our assessment through a written report and/or an on-site briefing.  Contact us for details.


Type 3: Stalled Conversion Assessment.  Even with the best of intentions, improvement initiatives get stuck—with the cause often invisible to insiders. Dr. Galsworth provides fresh eyes and her considerable expertise to help un-stick a stalled implementation—including a stalled 5S initiative—or to add insights that produce needed changes in direction, knowledge content, and implementation know-how.


We are especially skilled at moving the enterprise to its next level of visual functionality—from visual standards to visual displays for supervisors to visual metrics to visual leadership. We can also point the way for you to launch or strengthen employee engagement and alignment, both crucial factors in a successful visual roll out. Contact us for details.

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