“Exceptional, viewing the workplace through the eyes of value-add associates—instructing, coaching, and guiding us through a visual conversion.”

Alice W. Lee, VP, Business Transformation, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

“The world’s foremost visual workplace expert has detailed what it takes to make [visuality] a system… you’ll be eager to put [it] to use.”

Richard J. Schonberger, author World-Class Manufacturing, Let’s Fix It! and many other books

“A work in perfect harmony with The Shingo Prize.”

Robert D. Miller, Executive Director, The Shingo Prize

The WTMS System

Twelve Operator-Led Modules

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  • 1 The Basics of Workplace Visuality
  • 2 The Building Blocks of Visual Thinking
  • 3 Your Implementation Tool Box
  • 4 Smart Placement: Problem & What-Is Map
  • 5 Smart Placement: Logic & Could-Be Map
  • 6 Smart Placement: Principles 1-7
  • 7 Smart Placement: Principles 8-14
  • 8 The Visual Where: Borders
  • 9 The Visual Where: Addresses & ID Labels
  • 10 Resistance & Inertia and Visual Mini-Systems
  • 11a The Four Power Levels of Visual Devices
  • 11b The Four Power Levels of Visual Devices

WTMS Behind-The-Scenes

Three Bonus Modules For Managers

  • A Intro to the WTMS System
  • B Seven Start-Up Requirements
  • C Getting Ready to Blitz
Created and narrated by Gwendolyn Galsworth, The Work That Makes Sense Training System (WTMS) is a powerful series of 12 on-demand modules, based on Galsworth’s Shingo Prize winning book of the same name.
Use this system to teach your operators and other value-add associates how to convert their own work areas, step-by-step, into a workplace that speaks. With over 900 powerful, full-color visual solutions as a teaching base, this series of training modules stimulates real-time learning and hands-on application–supported by exercises, checklists, discussion points, and lots of visual thinking.
Each stand-alone module is about an hour and can be viewed solo or with a group. Precise navigation allows you to stop and start whenever you like. MODULE DESCRIPTIONS

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Complete WTMS System

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  • Three Behind-The-Scenes Management Modules (listed on left)
  • The WTMS Resource Folio, a treasure trove of forms, templates, hit lists, checklists, exercises, and other support materials you can customize and print.
  • Dr. Galsworth’s 8-podcast bundle, Becoming a Brilliant Visual Workplace Trainer
Whether you want a spirited and engaged workforce, measurable bottom-line results—or both—the WTMS Online Training System is the affordable, powerful way to transform your value-add employees into a workforce of visual thinkers and produce a 15% to 30% increase in productivity.