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About | Visual-Lean® Institute

About the Visual-Lean® Institute

Visual Thinking Inc training session. Dr. Galsworth established the Visual-Lean® Institute in 2005 as the teaching arm of Visual Thinking Inc.

In-house trainers and external consultants come from around the globe to learn and get licensed and certified at the Institute in any (or all) of our nine core visual workplace tracks or methodologies. When they graduate, they are ready to begin to train teams in their own companies—or for their own clients, with the added knowledge of how to coach and support effective cultural and bottom-line outcomes.

The Institute’s nine visual workplace tracks are:

  1. Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking & The Visual Site Assessment
  2. Work That Makes Sense: Operator-led Visuality
  3. The Visual Machine®: Let the Machine Speak & Machine Lubrication/Visual & Effective
  4. The Visual-Lean® Office: Operational Excellence in Your Office
  5. Management by Sight: Visual Displays & Visual Scheduling Boards
  6. ScoreBoarding: Visual Standards & Visual Problem Solving
  7. Visual Management: Metrics That Monitor/Metrics That Drive
  8. Visual Leadership/Hoshin: Operations Template, X-Type Matrix & Systems Template
  9. Perfect Quality Through Mistake-Proofing: For Engineers

All our methodologies are available LIVE, taught onsite by our instructors—or, as her schedule permits, by Dr. Galsworth. Many courses are also available as online training systems.

Visual Thinking Inc training session.In addition, we offer Train-The-Trainer (TTT) sequences for most of our nine tracks.

During 3-5 days of intensive instruction, trainers-in-the-making discover the key elements for effective content delivery, and special tools and techniques for making training and deployment outcomes more successful. Nearly all the learning is hands-on at a host site, often working directly with the organizational group that is the focus of the training outcomes.

TTT group size is limited to 14 active participants (observers are permitted).

Dr. Galsworth leads all of our TTT sequences. Contact us for more details.