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Our Approach | Visual and Lean

Visual & Lean: Start Where You Are

Visual Thinking Inc training session.We see the relationship between visuality and lean like the two wings of a bird. One wing is for lean: time, the critical path, and pull. The other is for visuality: information, meaning, and adherence. Each wing is unique—and both wings are required in order for the bird to fly.

Would a bird wonder which of its two wings is more important? Would you?

Your company needs both visual and lean to get off the ground, sustain flight, and reach its destination and grow. This is the visual-lean® journey to operational excellence.

If you are already actively deploying lean.

The power of visuality will take your implementation deeper and wider, and enable you to: a) eliminate minute information deficits that plague the workplace; and b) create powerful visual linkages between all operational functions, including quality, maintenance, support, and admin.

The result of applying visual thinking in an active lean environment? Typically, a 15% to 30% decrease in overall and local lead time. That’s the power of letting a lean workplace speak!

If you have not yet started lean.

A favorite example is a stamping plant in Michigan that had stacks of inventory when we arrived—and stacks when we left, 18 months later. Yet, in the meantime, productivity (a roll-up of lead time, manning, quality, and on-time delivery) had improved by 27% to 38% in each department—and 22% across the factory. As for employee morale—well, let’s just say the company finally had some; and it was sparkling.

Do you wonder if you should wait until you’ve implemented lean to launch visual thinking? Based on three decades in the field, our answer is absolutely not . In fact, our experience shows that a strong visual workplace initiative— prior to lean—simplifies and stabilizes operations while grooming and aligning the employee mindset for change, inventiveness, and systematic thinking. Visuality paves the way for a resounding lean success.

Why wait? Understand where workplace visuality fits in, what it can do for you and your company—and why. Understand its power to transform and inspire even as it builds and secures performance. Start where you are. Start now.