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Our Approach | The Visual Model

Our Ten-Doorway Model: Assess & Plan

Visual Thinking Inc training session.Dr. Galsworth’s “10-Doorway Model” is a special framework to help you identify the current level of visual thinking and visual competency in your enterprise and map out a pathway for making that stronger.

First, use the 10-Doorways to see and diagnose your current state. Then use it to plan your next transformational steps, based on the specific needs and goals of your company. Through the ten doorways, you will reach those goals. On the way, you will create a workforce of visual thinkers, enterprise-wide—from GM to managers and value-add associates, from engineers to planners, from the HR department to purchasing, marketing, and sales.

Each of the ten doorways is: 1) Linked to a specific organizational group—for example, in a factory—operators; supervisors; engineers; schedulers; material handlers; the executive team; and so on; and 2) Linked to a corresponding visual methodology—visual order; visual standards; visual displays; visual pull systems; visual leadership; and so on.

Visual Thinking Inc training session.Groups then learn about and implement the visual method most closely linked to their performance outcomes. Once learned, this method allows each group to put the type of visual solution in place that helps them do their work with greater safety, precision, completeness, and on-time—all while reducing cost and increasing personal and professional performance effectiveness.

For example, managers and supervisors own Doorway 3. Their visual method of choice is: Visual Scheduling/Visual Display Boards. In Doorway 3, they learn why these boards are indispensable to their work and how to develop them in order to control and improve (for example): scheduling, manning, material consumption, change overs, defect frequency, and so on. These boards enable them to make timely, fact-based decisions, relying solely on the information on those boards. The information deficits that plague them are eradicated.

A visual assessment of your site will show doorway (or doorways) to open and when in order for you to achieve world-class visuality in your industry. Contact us for details.