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Smart Simple Design /Reloaded: Variety Effectiveness
And The Cost of Complexity

Visual Workplace Visual Thinking book front cover.
Visual Workplace Visual Thinking book back cover.

Marketplace globalization has not only triggered unprecedented levels of opportunity but also a level of complexity that can sink mature companies as well as startups—if you don’t learn how to make that variety effective. Smart Simple Design/Reloaded offers a safety net—a systematic methodology (called VEP) —for preventing or minimizing negative variation and maximizing customer selection, all at a least-cost sum.

Whether the proliferation that plagues your enterprise is parts, products, services, SKUs, market offerings—or the names of those offerings—this book provides a vision of a better way and the precise pathway for getting there.

Researched and written by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, Shingo Prize-winning author and consultant to some of the world’s most prestigious companies, Smart Simple Design/Reloaded can lead you to your next generation of growth and profit.

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"Dr. Galsworth is already established as the world’s premier advocate of visual systems and all that goes with it. She should be equally well known for 'Smart Simple Design/Reloaded' (an update of her 1994 book). The subject matter penetrates the core of manufacturing excellence, because getting product design right generates rippling benefits throughout the business — all the way to the customer. The book’s subtitle sums it up elegantly: 'Variety Effectiveness and the Cost of Complexity.'"

Dr. Richard J. Schonberger, Lean Manufacturing Expert