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Visual Workplace Visual Thinking: Creating Enterprise Excellence Through the Technologies of the Visual Workplace

Visual Workplace Visual Thinking book front cover.

Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking (VWVT) was written by the acknowledged leading expert in workplace visuality. Though other books touch upon visual workplace tools and practices, no other author has addressed the topic with the clarity and depth presented here. This is a seminal book, considered by many the definition of the field itself. Also unique to this book are the hundreds of photographic examples of actual visual solutions, in full color.

After an introduction from Peter Dobbs, head of strategy at Rolls-Royce, and Sherrie Ford, US culture guru, the book’s eight chapters unfold. Chapters 1-4 introduce the core concepts on which the model is based. The next three chapters map each part of the model. The eighth and concluding chapter describes the visual-lean® alliance, positioning the visual workplace as lean’s powerful partner. This 224-page book also has a comprehensive index and a complete table of figures and photos.

Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking was self-published in 2005 through the author’s company imprint Visual-Lean® Enterprise Press. It won the Shingo Research Prize the same year.

It was then and remains the only book of its kind, describing a comprehensive visual workplace model derived from on-site research in some of the world’s best and most challenging companies. This means that VWVT is written not by an academic but by a hands-on practitioner who has worked for more than three decades directly with companies in some phase of the journey to workplace visuality. This usually starts with 5S and then moves to visual standards, visual scheduling, visual material control, visual metrics, visual problem solving, visual leadership, visual machine®, and the visual-lean®office—to name several of the segments of the book’s main model, called The Ten Doorways.

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"Galsworth is the world’s foremost authority on visual management. Her book raises the stature of visuality, hardens soft notions about it, and embeds it in structure and theory that—until now—have been missing."

Richard J. Schonberger, Ph.D. Author, World Class Manufacturing

"Dr. Galsworth continues to produce work in perfect harmony with The Shingo Prize model, with visual concepts, tools, and methods that are essential as companies pursue operational excellence."

Robert Miller, Former Executive Director, The Shingo Prize

"I’ve been a student of management for 30 years, read countless management books and gone to innumerable conferences. I have never found a better, more powerful system of transformation than Galsworth’s. This comes through on every page of her books. She does that better than anybody."

Brent Allen, VP/Operations, Lifetime Products Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah