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Work That Makes Sense

Operator-Led Visuality

Has your 5S run out of steam? Do you know that your value-add associates should be more powerfully engaged in improving their performance and their work areas—but you still wonder how? Then operator-led visuality is the solution you have been searching for.

The Work That Makes Sense System (WTMS)—based on Gwendolyn Galsworth's Shingo Prize-winning book of the same name—is a complete package of materials for training and implementing operator-led visuality, whatever your company is: a factory, office, healthcare center, agency, military depot or open-pit mine.

The heart of the WTMS System is a series of 12 instructional modules that teach operators what a visual workplace is, why it’s important, and how operators can create a fully-functioning visual work area of their own, using WTMS principles, practices, methods, and tools. Operator-led visuality is a system of thinking first, then a system of solutions.

Each module, which is about an hour long, concludes with an action assignment which value-add associates complete before they begin the next module. Over 900 actual visual solutions are at the heart of the teaching.

In addition to the operator-based modules, the WTMS System includes three special behind-the-scenes management modules for planning and preparing a successful WTMS launch—and, once underway, for maintaining and troubleshooting the process.

Whether she (or one of our affiliates) delivers the modules LIVE and onsite—or you use our English or Spanish online modules, the WTMS System sets the field standard for excellence in training and implementing workplace visuality for operators.

"WTMS allows us to view the workplace through the eyes of value-add associates-instructing, coaching, and guiding us through a visual conversion. This is an exceptional, vibrant, and complete methodology for an operator-led visual conversion."

Alice W. Lee, VP Business Transformation, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

What You Learn

Your 'Go To' System for Workplace Visuality

  • 12 Operator Modules
  • Introduction to the WTMS System
  • Includes the Seven Start-Up Requirements
  • Includes the Getting Ready to Blitz
  • Bonus WTMS Resource Folio

Delivered online through Litmos, our preferred corporate learning platform.

Sample of WTMS Online System

Training options to fit your organization.

Online, on-site, and Train-the-Trainer



per license

  • 12 Operator Training Modules
  • 3 Management Training Modules
  • 1-Year License (unlimited access)
  • Two Online Coaching Sessions 1
  • For Individuals or Large Groups
  •  Created/Narrated by Dr. Galsworth
  • WTMS Resource Folio 2
  • 10 Courtesy Licenses (for 45 Days)
  • Monthly Payment Plan Available
  • DescriptionsEnglish | Spanish

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  • Customized per Company


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  • 5-Day TTT Process
  • Includes 2 Days Direct Training w/ Your Value-Add Associates
  • Includes 4 Trainer Practice Sessions
  • Two Online Coaching Sessions 1
  • 6 to 14 Participants 4
  • Taught by Dr. Galsworth
  • Visual WTMS Resource Folio 2
  • Includes 1-Year License to Online System
  • Add a Follow-Up Day, Onsite ( $2,500) 3

All LIVE coaching sessions are 1.0-1.5 hours, for groups, and led by Dr. Galsworth (private sessions are available by arrangement).

The Resource Folio is packed with exercises, handouts, templates, instructional wall charts, articles, and the Participant Training Manual (ready to print as a PDF file).

Associated expenses are additional.

Periodically, we offer our TTT for a mixed group: your trainers + trainers from other companies.