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Your Visual Pathways

Let the Workplace Speak

Visual Thinking Seminar

Your Complete Visual Briefing on the Visual Workplace

How do you achieve a 15% to 30% increase in productivity even after value-stream mapping and standard work? And transform your work culture in the process? This is what happens when you effectively implement our 10-Doorway Visual Workplace/Visual Management model. Attend this seminar to learn why and how!

Our one-day visual workplace/visual thinking seminar, based on Galsworth’s Shingo award-winning book of the same name, is designed to help you and your group of executives, managers, supervisors, trainers, CI specialists, and coaches:

  • Understand what workplace visuality is, why it is so important, and how the visual workplace does not just create a lean culture, it drives it.
  • Track and appreciate visuality’s core concepts, principles, and practices and how they support individual, team, and company outcomes—including lean; and
  • Envision vital next steps on your company’s journey to a visual enterprise.

Hear Dr. Galsworth present her 10-Doorway model and explain visuality as an imbedded language of performance that every individual in your organization will learn to speak. See over a hundred examples. Understand for yourself why getting visual is a compelling operational imperative that is crucial to meeting daily operational goals, no matter the setting—factory, hospital, office, agency or open-pit mine. Get serious about your war on waste, reducing lead time, and creating a spirited and engaged workforce that knows how to think visuality.

Whether you are well on your way to enterprise excellence or about to begin, this seminar will show you the why behind visuality’s power to empower, transform, accelerate, and sustain. Let the workplace speak.

"The seminar was incredible. The one thing that I was most impressed with is the universal simplicity of applying it.  Visuality is immediately 'tangible' for the people using it. And it can have tremendous impact on our bottom-line."

Esco Executive

What You Learn

Achieve 15% to 30% increases in productivity with this seminar.

  • Galsworth’s 10-Doorway Model and how it triggers hundreds of visual solutions
  • Why visuality is a gigantic adherence mechanism and key to sustainability
  • How to track the impact of the visual workplace on the bottom line
  • How the visual workplace builds a spirited, engaged, and inventive workforce
  • The difference between measures that monitor and measures that drive
  • The telling difference between Visual Management an Visual Performance
  • Why you need an improvement infrastructure as part of your visual conversion
  • The difference between 5S and operator-led visuality
  • The fit bewteen the visual workplace and lean

Who Attends: Your executives and site managers, engineering, maintenance, HR, CI, and training managers and their staff.  We encourage you to invite all key decision-makers.

Additional Information


  • Available as a one- or two-day event, or as a briefing (4 - 6 hours)
  • Group size: 15 to 120 participants, scalable
  • Includes one online group session with Dr. Galsworth to get questions answered
  • Each seminar attendee receives a copy of the Visual Thinking Participant Manual (150 pages) for use during the seminar and as an on-going reference
  • Included are copies of Dr. Galsworth's Shingo Prize-winning books, Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking and Work That Makes Sense: Operator-Led Visuality

Training options to fit your organization.

Online, on-site, and Train-the-Trainer



per license

  • 5-hour Online Training Course
  • 1-Year License (unlimited access)
  • Two Online Coaching Sessions 1
  • For Individuals or Large Groups
  •  Created/Narrated by Dr. Galsworth
  • Visual Thinking Resource Folio 2
  • 10 Courtesy Licenses (for 30 Days)
  • Monthly Payment Plan Available



per Group Size

  • 1-Day Seminar
  • One Online Coaching Session
  • 20 Participants
  • $50 per Added Participant (Max 80)
  •  Taught by Dr. Galsworth
  • Visual Thinking Resource Folio
  • Add-On Training: Assess Your Company's
    Visual Competency ( $2,500 ) 3
  • Add a Follow-Up Day, Onsite ( $2,500) 3
  • Visual Thinking Resource Folio


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for pricing

  • 3.5 day TTT Process
  • Special Tools & Practice Sessions
  • Two Online Coaching Sessions
  • 4 to 12 Participants
  • Taught by Dr. Galsworth
  • Visual Thinking Resource Folio
  • Includes 1-Year License to Online System
  • Add a Follow-Up Day, Onsite ( $2,500) 3

All LIVE coaching sessions are 1.0-1.5 hours, for groups, and led by Dr. Galsworth (private sessions are available by arrangement).

The associated Resource Folio is packed with exercises, handouts, templates, instructional wall charts, articles, and the Participant Training Manual (ready to print as a PDF file).

Associated expenses are additional.

Periodically, we offer our TTT for a mixed group: your trainers + trainers from other companies.