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Visual Scheduling & Displays


Management-by-Sight is the glue that holds your operations together as you transition from a traditional workplace to the new excellence. Visual scheduling and displays are indispensable to that process.

A Visual Display holds many layers of information in a single, interactive format that allows us to independently understand the status of a situation at-a-glance, make sound decisions, and confidently take correct, timely action—based solely on the information on the display. (Visual scheduling and production control boards are also included in visual displays.)

Workplace information can change quickly and often—schedules, customer requirements, engineering specifications, operational methods, tooling and fixtures needs, material location, and thousands of other details on which daily life of the enterprise depends.

Low-tech, high impact visual displays offer rapid, accurate updates that share information so vital adjustments can be made, in real-time. Displays are an extraordinary solution to chronic, costly, and complex information deficiencies in the workplace, pinpointing where and how loss is happening. For companies that are transitioning from traditional to excellent, visual displays are unsurpassed in their usefulness.

They are the glue that holds your company together while you transform your value stream.

"This workshop transformed my thinking about what scheduling boards can do—and are supposed to do. Now I know how to get ready for pull. Now I can solve our scheduling problems before automating them. This workshop is superb! And all hands-on!"

Sam Wagner, Director Operations,
Fast Global Solutions

What You Learn

Achieve 15% to 30% increases in productivity with this seminar.

  • What visual display are, how they work, and why they are so powerful
  • The nine characteristics of highly effective visual displays
  • The 15 Add-Ons that can make your display even more powerful
  • How you can construct a display that dynamically changes—in real time
  • Exactly why many scheduling boards fail
  • The difference between team boards and visual displays
  • Get your displays to "speak with each other" across functions and link operations together
  • Differences between displays, digital monitors, and dashboards—and why they're needed
  • The telling difference between Management-by-Sight and Visual Management
  • Dr. Galsworth’s step-by-step methodology for building highly effective visual displays
  • Why these high-touch/low-tech visual solutions achieve remarkable high-impact results

Who Attends: Supervisors, team leads, managers, your training, coaching, and CI staff and other change agents. We encourage you to invite staff from Planning/Scheduling, Purchasing, Maintenance, and Warehousing as well as value-add operations.

Additional Information


  • This is a 1.5-day hands-on workshop when you and your team develop visual displays that are set up by the end of the session.
  • Group size: minimum of 15 and maximum of 22 active participants
  • Two live online sessions with Dr. Galsworth for follow-up, questions, and next steps
  • Each attendee receives a copy of the Visual Displays Participant Manual (150 pages) for use during the workshop and as an on-going reference.
  • Included are copies of Dr. Galsworth's Shingo Prize-winning books, Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking and Work That Makes Sense: Operator-Led Visuality.

Training options to fit your organization.

Online, on-site, and train-the-trainer



per license

  • 5-hour Online Training System
  • 1-Year License (unlimited access)
  • Two Online Coaching Sessions 1
  • For Individuals or Large Groups
  •  Created/Narrated by Dr. Galsworth
  • Displays Resource Folio 2
  • 10 Courtesy Licenses (for 30 Days)
  • Monthly Payment Plan Available



starting per group

  • 1.5 Day Hands-On Workshop
  • Half-Day Deployment Session
  • One Online Coaching Session
  • 15 to 22 Participants
  •  Taught by Dr. Galsworth or Affiliate
  • Displays Resource Folio 2
  • Add a Follow-Up Day, Onsite ( $2,500) 3


Contact Us

for pricing

  • 3.5 day TTT Process
  • Special Tools & Practice Sessions
  • Two Online Coaching Sessions 1
  • 4 to 12 Participants 4
  • Taught by Dr. Galsworth
  • Displays Resource Folio 2
  • Includes 1-Year License to Online System
  • Add a Follow-Up Day, Onsite ( $2,500) 3

All LIVE coaching sessions are 1.0-1.5 hours, for groups, and led by Dr. Galsworth (private sessions are available by arrangement).

The Resource Folio is packed with exercises, handouts, templates, instructional wall charts, articles, and the Participant Training Manual (ready to print as a PDF file).

Associated expenses are additional.

Periodically, we offer our TTT for a mixed group: your trainers + trainers from other companies.