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If your problems are chronic, costly, and complex... if you want every employee to become a problem-solver... if cross-functional thinking is a cultural goal for your company... if you want solutions that last... then you need the ScoreBoard Method.

Our ScoreBoard (SB) Methodology is a robust, team-based improvement approach that lets teams solve chronic, complex, and costly quality, productivity, and design problems, develop new methods and procedures, and systematically identify, analyze, and eliminate barriers in the flow of work within and across departments.

The SB powerful process is practical, hands-on, and especially effective when a company faces cultural barriers to fact-finding and improvement. Silos between functions simply melt away.

Central to the ScoreBoard approach is the ScoreBoard Diagram—an interactive, cross-functional framework that gets the right people directly involved in identifying a rich layer of cause, out of which robust, sustainable solutions are derived. At its heart, your SB diagram uses metrics that drive—not metrics that monitor—to track the gap between what is supposed to happen and what does happen.

"When I bagan to develop and lead ScoreBoard projects, I realized the severe limitation of Six Sigma's DMAIC approach. ScoreBoard projects gather details from multiple layers of the organization and blend them into a thick description of the problem. Solutions, therefore, are equally as robust—highlyw orkable. The SB Method is so systematic and inventive. I love it!"

L. Gasca, Site Manager,
Forklift Manufacturer

What You Learn

Achieve 15% to 30% increases in productivity with this seminar.

  • How to build a SB Project from scratch that targets complex, chronic, and costly problems
  • How to collect a deep description of the problem through your team
  • How to use measures that drive improvement (in the voice of the user)
  • How to analyze, focus, and calibrate your company’s current set of KPIs (metrics that monitor)
  • How to lead a multi-layered improvement project in real time
  • How to select, test, and drive improvement ideas that are worth implementing
  • How to turn solutions into visual devices and imbed them into the living landscape of work

Who Attends: The ScoreBoard Workshop is specifically designed for training your supervisors, team leads, managers, engineers, trainers, and CI specialists to understand, develop, and lead a SB Project that they can launch as of the workshop.

Additional Information

When you launch a ScoreBoard Project, your project team works with concentration, discipline, and a bias for action—focusing on:

  • Fact finding, not fault finding
  • A growing allegiance to the process—not to the department, with the next operation as customer
  • Problems made small enough for teams to get their arms around and solve permanently
  • Everybody pulling on the same end of the rope—managers, supervisors, operators, engineers
  • Focused, self-directing improvement teams that build individual and team leadership
  • Quantities of low-risk/high-impact implementable solutions
  • Dynamic, systematic results that build skills and a commitment to continued problem solving

Training options to fit your organization.

Online, on-site, and train-the-trainer



per license

  • 4 Online Training Modules
  • Annual License
  • Two online coaching sessions
  • For individuals or large groups
  • ScoreBoard Resource Folio 1
  • 10 Courtesy Licenses (for 30 Days)




  • 2.5 Day Hands-On Workshop
  • One Online Coaching Session
  • Up to 18 Participants
  • ScoreBoard Resource Folio 1
  • Add a Follow-Up Day


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for pricing

  • 4.5 day TTT Process
  • Two Online Coaching Sessions
  • Maximum of 14 trainers
  • ScoreBoard Resource Folio 1
  • Includes Annyal License to Online System

All LIVE coaching sessions are 1.0-1.5 hours, for groups, and led by Dr. Galsworth (private sessions are available by arrangement).