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There is no better—more affordable—way to transform your employees into high-performing thinkers, implementers, and change agents than by training your trainers to train them in our powerful online training systems.

For over 30 years, Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth has provided you with the best training materials on the planet in the field of workplace visuality, visual management, and the visual workplace.

Using our high-value implementation systems, we will train your trainers in a wide array of the powerful methodologies in our curriculum—keys to achieving operational excellence in your company.

Our train-the-trainer (TTT) approach is a multi-day instructional process, taught by the thought leaders themselves. Each TTT package contains the exact same materials which Dr. Galsworth and Dr. Hinckley use when they train their own clients, onsite. Nothing is held back.

  • 1.  Full-color instructional wall charts
  • 2.  Complete participant booklets
  • 3.  A content-specific resource folio
  • 4.  Three LIVE follow-up coaching sessions
  • 5.  And much, much more.

When knowledge and know-how self-sufficiency is your goal, our TTT process is the way to achieve it. Contact us for details.

"This week has been a great learning experience. I taught lean principles for years but never knew visuality is a strong as lean. The methodology taught this week has strengthened my thought process and will allow me to continue to be a valuable asset for my company. There is power behind visuality that can pull all levels—from management down to operators—together onto the same playing field. At that time success will be inevitable."

Michael Lee, Plant Manager, Tapco Group

Contact us for more information. Our team can provide you with answers or arrange for a discussion with Dr. Galsworth.