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The Visual Connectivity of a Transformed Enterprise

A full visual conversion makes your company’s informational landscape transparent, builds a new way of thinking in the enterprise, and transforms enterprise CPK into stability and growth.

Companies that pursue operational excellence often overlook the environment in which excellence happens: the physical workplace. This is the domain of visuality. The outcome of a successful implementation of workplace visuality is a vast system of visual solutions—an interconnected network of visual devices that imbed your current level of operational detail into the performance landscape. Visuality provides the platform every company needs in order to grow.

Even when the company has initiated a reconfiguration of machine layout, 5S, an array of visual management devices, and other continuous improvement visual techniques, a deeper application of visual workplace principles and practices may be required to help the corporation reach its full operational level.

If any of these case snapshots reflects your situation, we invite you to consider a full visual conversion.

A full visual conversion supports an array of visual workplace outcomes that will not only make your company’s informational landscape transparent, as importantly, it builds a new way of thinking in the enterprise, positioning it to move assertively into a new phase of stability and growth. Visuality transforms.

Using Dr. Galsworth’s 10-Doorway Model as the template of change (see her book, Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking), we typically begin with a Visual Thinking Seminar, onsite at your company, and a Visual Site Assessment. In discussion with you and your executive team, we then organize the Phase 1 of the visual engagement (12-18 months), guided by the goals and outcomes your company needs to move forward at a speed and intensity that are right for you.

Below is a sequence of methodologies and outcomes that are frequently included in the first phase, powered by lots of at-a-distance LIVE coaching sessions. (Click on each item’s link for detail about that doorway.)

"The right choice for us was to begin our journey to operational excellence with a visual conversion. This gave us the stability we needed—and as importantly—a cultivated, spirited and engaged work culture—plus a 25% or more increase in productivity in every department (just like Galsworth predicted!). We will add lean in the next quarter—but not cookie-cutter lean. We will implement the lean that is important to us because, thanks to our visual conversion, we know what that is."

B.A.R., VP/Strategy & Growth, Fortune 100 Manufacturer

Contact us for more information. Our team can provide you with answers or arrange for a discussion with Dr. Galsworth.