Visual Onsite and Online Services

Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth

Transform the way you think—and learn how to run your company visually. Onsite or online, Gwendolyn Galsworth shows you what a visual workplace and visual management are, how they work, and exactly how you deploy them in your organization to let the enterprise speak.

Dr. Galsworth Works Directly with You and Your Team.

Arrange for the leading expert in workplace visuality to assess, educate, coach, consult, and inspire. Gwendolyn Galsworth will share her wealth of knowledge and know-how in ways that are informative, entertaining, insightful—and transformative.

1. Visual Thinking Seminar: Onsite or Online
This is Dr. Galsworth’s flagship seminar which She delivers—onsite or online—all over the world—and regularly for the Shingo Institute, AME, and other sponsors. In it, she presents the basics of visual thinking and her 10- Doorway Model for creating a workforce a visual thinkers. Schedule this event in a 4-hour, 6-hour, or 8- hour format. Combine it with her visual assessment of your company and a next-step planning session. Gwendolyn works directly with you and your team to make sure your understanding and your planning are the right steps for you . . . [Read More]
2. Hands-on Workshops
Dr. Galsworth delivers powerful onsite or online workshops in all of our Pathways:
Visual Scheduling &Visual Displays, The Visual Machine®, Operator-led Visuality, Visual Problem-Solving/ScoreBoarding, the Visual Machine®, and all the others. Combine your course with next steps planning as she help you set up your improvement infrastructure to build cultural and bottom-line benefits and ensure your outcomes are sustainable. These workshops are practical, hands-on learning at its best . . . [Read More]
3. Your Visual Site Assessment: Onsite or Online
Whether you are at the start of your visual journey—or already well on your way to a visual workplace and want to go further—Dr. Galsworth will tour your facility—in-person or virtually—and assess your current level of competency, and point to your next steps for stability and growth. Your visual site assessment can be combined with her any of our Pathway courses. Add a next-steps planning session to round out the event. Also perfect for planning a new plant . . . [Read More]
4. Complete Visual Conversion
When you want a 15% to 30% increase in productivity that is sustainable, turn to a full visual conversion as the means. In it, you open the specific doors in Gwendolyn’s 10-Doorway Model that will build your operational and improvement capability. The result is an extensive system of interconnected visual devices that imbed your current level of operational detail into the performance landscape. Which of the ten doorways need to be open for your company to prosper and grow increasingly competitive. Contact us for more . . . [Read More]
5. Train-the-Trainer (TTT)
When self-sufficiency is your goal, Gwendolyn will train and certify your in-house instructors in any (or all) of our Pathways. This is master-class level training from the expert herself. As a result, your instructors gain the confidence, skill, knowledge, and know-how they need to train and support the visual methods you target. Schedule a TTT onsite, just for your company—or share the costs by joining a mixed-company group . . . [Read More]
6. Keynotes and Retreats
Let your group hear it from the expert. Arrange for Dr. Galsworth to keynote at your conference or corporate retreat—and get your company informed, energized, and inspired. A wide range of topics are available. Generate buy-in and excitement about what a visual workplace, where visual management fits, and what a visually transformed enterprise could mean for your company and the people who work in it. Want more? Combine her keynote with a seminar and/or visual assessment . . . [Contact Us]

“Galsworth’s passion for the topic and her experience and examples bring the benefits of visual/lean to light brilliantly.
Her explanation of the training and implementation process made me readily understand where we are on our journey and how to tailor the process to fit our company”

Dr. Galsworth Trains You, Onsite and Online, to Know Why and How to Visually Transform Your Enterprise

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