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If your problems are chronic, costly, and complex, if you want every employee to be a problem-solver, if cross-functional thinking is a cultural goal for your company, if you want solutions that last… then learn our ScoreBoard Method.

There are a number of good tools available today for solving near-term, day-to-day problems: A3, 4D, and (even) the 5-Whys. And for intricate, technical challenges: Taguchi’s Design of Experiments, 6 Sigma’s DMAIC (Define/Measure/Analyze/Control), and 8D, to
name some main ones.

But what will you use to tackle chronic, complex, costly problems that do not lend themselves to fast, easy, low-cost solutions or to technically dense ones—problems that have plagued the organization for years, if not decades?

Because, if you are not yet a Shingo-award winning company, your problems are likely to be gnarly, thorny, and messy. And your work force is likely not to include many experienced problem-solvers. What do you do?

Dr. Galsworth’s response is visual problem-solving, specifically: the ScoreBoard (SB) Method—a second cousin to Dr. Ryuji Fukuda’s CEDAC Method (which, in the 1980s, Fukuda asked Galsworth to help him clarify, strengthen, and adjust for western companies).

The SB is a robust, team-based improvement approach that lets teams solve chronic, complex, and costly problems and develop long-lasting solutions that eliminate barriers to the flow and quality of work within and across departments.

The SB powerful process is practical, hands-on, and especially effective when a company faces cultural barriers to fact-finding and improvement. Silos between functions simply melt away.

Let us train a core team of Scoreboard Project Leaders in your company and see the longlasting solutions and leaders multiply. Contact us.

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    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    What You Learn

    • How to build a SB Project from scratch that targets complex, chronic, and costly problems
    • How to collect a deep description of the problem through your team
    • How to use measures that drive improvement (in the voice of the user)
    • How to analyze, focus, and calibrate your company’s current set of KPIs (metrics that monitor)
    • How to lead a multi-layered improvement project in real time
    • How to select, test, and drive improvement ideas that are worth implementing
    • How to turn solutions into visual devices and imbed them into the living landscape of work

    Who Attends: The ScoreBoard Workshop is specifically designed for training your supervisors, team leads, managers, engineers, trainers, and CI specialists to understand, develop, and lead a SB Project that they can launch as part of this workshop.

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    • On Day-1 of this three-day workshop, participants learn problem-solving concepts and principles, as well as the unique elements and sub-tools of ScoreBoarding (SB) and begin to build SB Diagrams for their own problem projects.
    • On Day-2, they complete their Diagrams and learn the SB project leader behaviors.
    • Day 3 includes the launch of not less than three real-time SB sessions, lead by participants, using their own Diagrams. The workshop concludes with mapping out next steps.
    • This is an intense, hands-on training, best attended by enthusiastic, improvement-minded people who want to add to their skills and be part of an initiative that promotes and deploys systematic problem-solving and solutions that last.
    • Group size: 10 to 18 active participants.
    • Two online coaching sessions with Dr. Galsworth are included to troubleshoot and strengthen your displays.
    • Attendees receive a ScoreBoard Participant Manual (150 pages) for use during the workshop and as an on-going reference, plus a copy of Dr. Galsworth’s Shingo Prize-winning book, Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking.
    • When you are ready to schedule, our team will help you configure your specs for the maximum impact. Contact us.

    “When I began to develop and lead ScoreBoard projects, I realized the severe limitation of Six Sigma’s DMAIC approach. ScoreBoard projects gather details from multiple layers of the organization and blend them into a thick description of the problem. Solutions, therefore, are equally as robust and workable. The SB Method is so systematic and inventive. I love it!”

    L. Gasca, Plant Manager,
    Forklift Factory, Mexico

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