Visual Machine®

Maximizing Machine Uptime Through Visual Solutions

What would happen to your production numbers if your machines became active partners in their perfect performance? What would happen to your work culture if machine operators teamed up with your maintenance staff to create thinking machines through workplace visuality. Schedule this workshop and find out.

Do you have excessive downtime? Are quality problems caused in the machining process plaguing your planning? Do your changeovers eat up production time? The Visual Machine® is the solution to these challenges and more.

Learn to put an end to searching for tools, people, work orders, blueprints, maintenance, supervisors, and materials. Get your machinists trained in how to run, maintain, and lubricate their equipment, at-a-glance through machine visuality.

Let them also learn how to visually implement safety, and performance data and procedures on your equipment—along with metrics, lubrication effectiveness, standards of usage. Let us show them how to make preventive maintenance tasks and schedules visual—and embed meaning and right action into their equipment through visual devices. Let the machine speak.

In this two-day, hands-on workshop, your operators, engineers, and maintenance staff learn the building blocks of visual thinking, including the need-to-know and need-toshare. Next they segment machine functions into information layers that they then convert to a wide array of visual devices that help maximize machine utilization.

As part of the workshop, small teams go to the production floor and learn to uncover the missing information and assess chronic problems caused by glaring information deficits.

Then they learn to develop visual devices so their equipment is self-explaining and they can become self-regulating. This is a workshop that transforms your thinking about machines, your work culture, and your results. Contact us.

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    There is an interesting story behind this photo. Click the link below to hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.
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    There is an interesting story behind this photo. Click the link below to hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.
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    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    What You Learn

    • How to find information deficits hidden on, around, and deep within your machines
    • How to make the vital distinction between what the machine knows and what the operator knows
    • The six core elements for maximizing machine utilization through visuality, related to safety, quality, productivity, maintenance, changeover, and lubrication
    • The principles and practices of visual safety solutions
    • How to make the machine tell you if its running normally or abnormally
    • The five biggest problems in machine lubrication and how visuality eliminate them
    • How to use Dr. Galsworth priority template to plan and deploy your own visual machine® revolution
    • The five start-up elements that are key to your successful launch of the Visual Machine®
    • How to turn machine operators into visual thinkers—spirited, engaged, knowledgeable, inventive, and contributing

    Who Attends: This training content is specifically designed for your supervisors, team leads, managers, your maintenance managers and staff, your training, coaching, and CI staff and other change agents. We encourage you to invite machinists, union staff, and Planning/Scheduling personnel. Contact us.


    • This is a 2-day workshop
    • Group size: 15 to 25 active participants
    • Two online coaching sessions with Dr. Galsworth are included to troubleshoot and strengthen your displays.
    • Attendees receive a The Visual Machine® Participant Manual (150 pages) for use during the workshop and as an on-going reference, plus a copy of Dr. Galsworth’s Shingo Prize-winning books, Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking, and “Work That Makes Sense.”
    • When you are ready to schedule, our team will help you configure your specs for the maximum impact. Contact us.

    “My whole outlook on the machine changed at this workshop—along with my misconception that neat/clean/orderly meant visual. Now I know that the visual machine is one piece of a very large pie called the OEE. I went from ‘I hope we can do it’ to ‘I know we can
    do it’—and that we must do it to survive.”

    Plant Manager
    Plymouth Tube

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