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Work That Makes Sense Operator-Led Visuality

Work That Makes Sense Online Training System

Are you convinced that your value-add associates can—and want to—do more to improve their own performance and area where they work? And you want to know how.

Here’s how: The Work That Makes Sense Online Training System (WTMS). WTMS is a comprehensive, step-by-step methodology for teaching, implementing, and sustaining operator-led visuality, based on Gwendolyn Galsworth’s Shingo award-winning book of the same name.

What’s In Your System
  • TWELVE fully-narrated/fully-animated online modules, with nearly 1000 visual solutions.
  • Perfect for teaching individuals or groups, step-by-step—in a Zoom room with breakouts. Or in person.
  • THREE bonus modules for managers
  • Complete WTMS Resource Folio, with over a HUNDRED components (many you can customize):
    Handouts, Exercises, Hit Lists, Checklists, Trainer Materials, Print-ready Wall Charts and Associate Manuals, Podcasts, Articles ….
  • Plus two LIVE coaching sessions with Dr. Galsworth

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Work That Makes Sense
Shingo award-winning book
Watch WTMS System Overview
Watch a Clip on Each Module

Steven P. Mayo, Parker-Hannifin, Irvine, California

“Dr. Galsworth’s WTMS visual workplace approach is the premier technology for reducing chronic waste and infusing the production floor with meaning through an engaged, spirited, and visually inventive workforce.”

Sherrie Ford, Ph.D., Principal, Change Partners & Executive Vice President of Culture, Power Partners Inc., Athens, Georgia

“Dr. Galsworth has ignited a revolution in the culture mindset. She shows us that floors, walls, machines can be made to speak—and to tell, lead, and train. Her Work That Makes Sense System is the cornerstone for this on the value-add level.”

Steven Pollard, Chief Business Analyst, Rolls-Royce Aerospace, Derby, England

“Dr. G is a captivating and entertaining educator and coach. She has a remarkable ability to make participants out of attendees. Her WTMS model of visual transformation is unique and powerful. The result: an excellent and sustainable enterprise. It is in every business’s best interest to learn her approach.”

Brent R. Allen, Vice President of Operations, Lifetime Products, Inc., Clearfield, Utah

“I’ve been a student of management for 30 years, read countless management books and gone to innumerable conferences. I have never found a better, more powerful system of transformation than Galsworth’s approach. She does that better than anybody.”

Dr. Robert W. Hall, Author: Zero Inventories, Soul of the Enterprise, and many other titles

“Galsworth describes visual principles in such detail and with such great passion. She knows how to create a proactive and engaged work culture.”

Richard J. Schonberger, Ph.D., Author: World Class Manufacturing, Let’s Fix It!, and many other titles.

"Gwendolyn Galsworth is the world’s foremost visual workplace expert. She raises the stature of visuality, hardens soft notions about it, and embeds it in structure and theory. She has not just taught us how to make operations visual, she—alone among thought leaders—has detailed what it takes to make visuality a system."

Robert D. Miller, Former Executive Director, The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence

“Dr. Galsworth continues to produce work in perfect harmony with The Shingo Prize Model, with visual concepts, tools, and methods that are essential as companies pursue operational excellence. I recommend Work That Makes Sense to every company…to ensure that what is supposed to happen does happen.”

Alice Lee, Vice President of Business Transformation, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston

“This exceptional approach provides a fresh, vital method for understanding the workplace and making it visual through the eyes of value-add associates—as if Dr. Galsworth, herself, is sitting with us—instructing, coaching, and guiding us through a visual conversion one webinar at a time.”

Curt Williams, Director of Strategic Improvement, Parker-Hannifin, Irvine, California

“Galsworth’s visual workplace model is a powerful improvement strategy to help companies realize the full potential of lean. It does that by meshing the financial and cultural gains of workplace visuality and capturing the spirit of the workforce.”

What is in Your System
12 Operator Modules
1. The Basics of Workplace Visuality
2. The Building Blocks of Visual Thinking
3. Your Implementation Tool Box
4. Smart Placement: The Problem & The What-Is Map
5. Smart Placement: The Solution & The Could-Be Map
6. Smart Placement Principles: 1-7
7. Smart Placement Principles: 8-14
8. The Visual Where: Borders
9. The Visual Where: Addresses & ID Labels
10. Inertia/Resistance & Visual Mini-Systems
11a. The Four Power Levels (indicators & signals)
11b. The Four Power Levels (controls & guarantees)
3 Management Modules
A. Your Seven Start-Up Requirements
B. Getting Ready to Blitz
C. Developing Your Color-Code Border System
WTMS Resource Folio (180 items)
  • Customizable Hit lists, Checklists, Templates
  • Tips and Guides
  • Articles
  • Print-on-demand files for the two WTMS Participant Booklets
  • 12 print-on-demand WTMS Instructional Wall Charts
10-Podcast Bundle
  • Listen to Dr. Galsworth’s podcast series on “Becoming a Brilliant Visual Workplace Trainer”
Ten Free 30-Day Courtesy Licenses
  • Ten courtesy seats to the full system so your Trainers, OpEx Specialists, and other staff can watch the WTMS modules at their convenience (seats expire 30 days after your purchase).
Two LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Dr. Galsworth
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