Our Courses & Special Services

We deliver, on-site, the full-range of our visual workplace methods and courses. Many of our courses are also available as complete on-line training systems, rich in on-demand content and very affordable.

We also offer special services: We train your trainers, conduct visual site assessments, and present at your retreat and other corporate events.

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Our Courses

  1. Visual Thinking Seminar
  2. Operator-Led Visuality (Work That Makes Sense)
  3. Visual Displays/Visual Scheduling
  4. Visual Machine
  5. 3C Visual Problem-Solving
  6. Mistake-Proofing
  7. Visual Leadership

Our Special Services

  1. Visual Site Assessment
  2. Visual Conversion
  3. Train-The-Trainer
  4. Dr. Galsworth In-Person

Dr. Galsworth Trains You, Onsite and Online, to Know Why and How to Visually Transform Your Enterprise

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