Visual Site Assessment

Roadmap to Your Visual Transformation

The technologies of the visual workplace transform your work culture and produce remarkable bottom-line results. That process begins with a visual site assessment that determines your current level of operational visuality and maps out your next steps.

Visual Site Assessment.

An effective implementation of workplace visuality transforms your work culture and produces remarkable bottom-line results—15% to 30% increase in productivity, an accelerated flow you control at will, schedule linearity, and (as Lockheed-Martin discovered) the removal of hours and hours of labor content.

But where should a company begin its conversion to a visual enterprise?

Begin with a visual site assessment so you know your current level of visual management and understand your next steps.

There are a lot of mistaken notions about what a visual workplace is, why visuality is indispensable to a company’s journey to operational excellence, and how to implement it. If you don’t have the right understanding of visuality, you won’t have the right expectations.

The purpose of visual site assessment is to determine the current level of visual workplace effectiveness in your company: how well is information vital to the task-at-hand currently shared in your enterprise, where are the gaps, what are those gaps costing you, and what can you do to eliminate them, fast and permanently.

Join the growing number of companies that understand the powerful contribution that the visual workplace—and visual management—can make to their work, work culture, bottom line, and enterprise excellence. Schedule your visual site assessment now.

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    VISUAL SITE ASSESSMENT. Our visual site assessment is a five-step process:

    • Step 1: Visual Thinking Briefing
    • Step 2: Completing Your Response Template
    • Step 3: Galsworth Assesses and Reflects
    • Step 4: Team Talk
    • Step 5: Next Steps Planning

    AT-A-DISTANCE OR ONSITE. Many companies ask Gwendolyn to conduct their site assessment at-a-distance. From the vantage point of the visual workplace, the Response Template you complete and the snapshots you send in make the level of visual function in your performance environment crystal clear and diagnosable.

    We either see the information needs of your work content in the physical landscape of work—or we do not. Everything else is an effect of that. The unvarnished landscape of work shown in your photos either speaks physically, eloquently, and with precision of a transparent workplace—a workplace that speaks—or it does not, without political or diplomatic justifications. Once seen and understood, we know how to help you from there.

    Other companies prefer to have Gwendolyn onsite to conduct her visual site assessment. This is a two-day process in which we incorporate a Visual Thinking Briefing and a Next-Steps Planning Session.

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    “Galsworth’s visual site assessment was the doorway to our understanding our current state and just how far ideal was for us. It gave us a clear, firm start and we are more than halfway there. The assessment was key.

    G. Maynard
    Engineering Director

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    Dr. Galsworth Trains You, Onsite and Online, to Know Why and How to Visually Transform Your Enterprise

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