Work That Makes Sense

Operator-Led Visuality

Has your 5S run out of steam? Are you convinced that your value-add associates could do more to improve their own performance and their work areas? Operator-led visuality is the solution you want.

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Work That Makes Sense (WTMS) is the title of Dr. Galsworth’s Shingo award-winning book and of her unique implementation system for operator-led visuality—a powerful process for getting and keeping value-add associates actively engaged in on-going visual improvement of their work areas.

Our clients consistently report that WTMS helped their operators achieve a documented 15% to 30% increase in productivity, and dramatic improvement in quality and on-time delivery. For them, WTMS is also the process of choice for culturally transforming the
value-add level of their operations and turning line-employees into self-leaders.

They agree with what Robert D. Miller, past director of The Shingo Prize, said of Gwendolyn’s approach: “Visuality doesn’t just support a lean work culture. Visuality creates it.”

THREE WAYS: Choose any of these three ways to bring the power of Work That Makes Sense to your company—or combine them:

ONE: Arrange for Dr. Galsworth to train your workforce in WTMS to ensure your financial and cultural results.

TWO: Arrange for Gwendolyn to train your in-house trainers so they can train and support WTMS in your organization.

THREE: Acquire our complete Online WTMS Training & Implementation System and learn, on your own, how to train and support WTMS in your company.

  • Our online WTMS System is narrated by Gwendolyn herself and is also available in narrated and written Spanish.

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    The WTMS Online Training System

    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    There is an interesting story behind each photo. Do come back soon and hear Dr. Galsworth’s narration.

    Whether taught by Dr. Galsworth or you, the heart of the WTMS System is twelve instructional modules that teach operators what a visual workplace is, why it’s important, and how operators can create a fully-functioning visual work area of their own, using WTMS principles, practices, methods, and tools.

    Operator-led visuality is a system of thinking first, then a system of solutions.

    Each module (about an hour in length) teaches principles, practices, and concepts, anchored in dozens and dozens of actual visual solutions, invented by operators.

    • Our system contains over 900 visual devices and visual mini-systems.

    Paced across each module is a series of hands-on exercises to anchor the learning and ensure application. Plus each module concludes with an action assignment which value-add associates complete before the next module.

    In addition to the operator-based modules, the WTMS System includes:

    • WTMS Resource Folio: a treasure trove of hands-on exercises, hit lists, checklists, templates, protocols, articles, many customizable and all printable on demand—a total of 180 files.
    • The WTMS Operator Manual and twelve full-color WTMS Instructional Wall Charts (re-produce on your own)
    • Three special management modules for planning, preparing for, and supporting a successful WTMS process (more below).

    The WTMS System sets the field standard for excellence and self-sufficiency in training and implementing workplace visuality for operators. Contact us

    WTMS Content

    Twelve WTMS Operator Training Modules

    • 1. The Basics of Workplace Visuality
    • 2. The Building Blocks of Visual Thinking
    • 3. Your Implementation Tool Box
    • 4. Smart Placement: The Problem & What-Is Map
    • 5. Smart Placement: The Logic & Could-Be Map
    • 6. Smart Placement: Principles 1-7
    • 7. Smart Placement: Principles 8-14
    • 8. The Visual Where: Border
    • 9. The Visual Where: Addresses & ID Labels
    • 10. Resistance & Inertia and Visual Mini-Systems
    • 11a. Four Power Levels (Indicators + Signals)
    • 11b. Four Power Levels (Controls + Guarantees)

    Three WTMS Management Modules

    • A. Intro to the WTMS System
    • B. Seven Start-Up Requirements
    • C. Getting Ready to Blitz

    CLICK here for a description of each English module.

    CLICK here for a description of each Spanish module.

    “I’ve been a student of management for 30 years, read countless management books and gone to innumerable conferences. I have never found a better, more powerful system of transformation than Galsworth’s. She does that better than anybody.”

    Brent R. Allen
    Lifetime Products
    Salt Lake City

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