Executives, CEOs, GMs, Presidents, VPs, and Plant Managers
  • “I’ve attended many seminars on lean manufacturing and have chosen visuality as the path for our company. Galsworth’s work gave me the missing link for our focused factories and cultural alignment. Thank you!”
  • “Galsworth’s passion for the topic and her experience and examples bring the benefits of visual/lean to light brilliantly. Her explanation of the training and implementation process made me readily understand where we are on our journey and how to tailor the process to fit our company. Thank you.”
  • “The workshop was incredible. I am most impressed with the universal simplicity of applying the visual workplace. It is immediately “tangible” for the people using it. This is a game-changer for our company. And it can have tremendous impact on our bottom-line. Galsworth is master of this field.”
  • “I am thrilled to finally have experienced your approach to the visual workplace. The power of visuality is greater than I ever imagined.”
  • “Dr. G is a captivating and entertaining trainer. She has a gift for making participants out of attendees. And the implementation principles and structure—and model—was excellent”
  • “Gwendolyn’s passion is great! Great presentation.”
  • “Thanks for your teachings. The past 24 hours have opened my eyes in a big way. This will bring us closer together as a company, reduce our costs, and generate sizably larger revenue.”
  • “This allows us to address very complex issues by breaking them down into small, very-defined increments.”
  • “My time with Galsworth was a blast! Probably one of the top learning events in my professional career. She didn’t just give me information. She changed my thinking. I see things differently now. And that’s kind of rare. It created for me a new way of thinking. Now when I go to the floor, I can see that we have just scratched the surface. It’s gotten a little noisy because I am constantly talking about information deficits and our urgent need for visual devices. You could say: I drank the Kool-Aid!”
  • “Gwendolyn’s presentation was over the top! Great materials.”
  • “This was one of the best courses I’ve ever attended. The real-life examples and experiences were great. An excellent, complete system. Galsworth is outstanding.”
  • “Dr. Galsworth’s Visual Workplace approach is the premier technology for reducing chronic waste and infusing the production floor with meaning through an engaged, spirited, and visually inventive workforce.”
  • “Excellent presentation. The instructor/materials were excellent. Great instructor. She talks the walk—and walks it.”
  • “The visual workplace: How to build an effective manufacturing system.”
  • “The real world is changing. We must become aware of it. This is where we will start to meet it.”
  • “Both seminars have extremely exceeded my expectations—a wealth of valuable methods and information to help us succeed at lean. Dr. Galsworth, you have a tremendous, tremendous talent for this business, and I am very grateful to have been able to be here for this seminar. Thank you.”
  • “I thought the seminar was incredible. Your enthusiasm and knowledge is so obvious. Here we are sitting—operationally and culturally—at Step 1. This is exactly what our company needs. We will gain immensely if we implement visuality. I want to see you work with our company and help us make in-roads. Since our journey into lean is at infancy, I think the visual thinking would kick-start our trip down this path. Let’s get this train moving.”
  • “The great value in this training is the conceptual framework and the implementation approach—as well as having a chance to shadow the upfront launch piece. Outstanding!”
Middle Managers, Supervisors, and Engineers
  • “A “must attend” seminar. Everyone came away with a ton of ideas on how to implement a visual workplace. Thank you for using all the visual pictures and for sharing your knowledge.”
  • “Gwendolyn packed the class with great information, knowledge, know-how. And she made it entertaining. Compelling! Thank you.”
  • “Visuality has been implemented in an adhoc fashion in many organizations… Galsworth’s work is the first I have seen that defines principles and concepts and put them in a viable methodology. Every organization could use this level of understanding.”
  • “What really struck me about the material Gwendolyn presented is that the trick in getting people on board is to get each person to think visually on his/her own—and not put them in groups to come up with ideas. This is a big change for us and explains why we get so little mileage out of people’s innate desire to create and contribute. We’ll do it differently now.”
  • “This seminar triggered a lively spirited debate that allowed me to see what we are doing right—and, as importantly, where we are going wrong in our journey to improvement. There’ll be a lot that changes beginning tomorrow.”
  • “I discovered that visual is more—much more—than first meets the eye. It involves placement and meaning as well as empowerment and bottom-line results. Terrific. Who knew!”
  • “Watching Galsworth, what I found myself doing during the site assessment was trying to see what was not happening—and what people were not doing—as a result of not having what they needed to accomplish their work. Information deficits everywhere! We have a ton of catch up—and I finally see how we are going to do!”
  • “Visuality works all levels—it is intuitively obvious.”
  • “Learning about Galsworth’s approach to the visual workplace (especially from her directly) has changed my position on everything—especially how to work with and motivate employees.”
  • “This workshop has increased my knowledge of the visual workplace and helped me to understand the breadth of the topic. I am so impressed.”
  • “Great seminar. Simple and self-explanatory.”
  • “Here’s a methodology that cuts to the nub.”
  • “Inventiveness is the creative part of a visual workplace. It is simple, modifies behavior, takes visual concepts to a whole new level, and can be implemented at the operational level. I finally see what Galsworth’s contribution is all about—or at least, part of it. An eye-opener!”
Operators, Value-Add Associates, and Team Leads
  • “Visuals are far more effective than I ever thought. It’s worth the push and the try. I’m going to do it. It’s going to help me—a lot!”
  • “Very, very, very good seminar – instructor and information.”
  • “I have learned more about visual thinking in these 1-1/2 days than anyone can imagine. All of the color coding, numbers and much, much more that I can use to identify parts, tubs, baskets, etc. Or even a whole department or building. I have so many ideas. And I can see them all.”
  • “Visuality is based on inventiveness. Anyone can do it. All of us can get involved in this and feel comfortable and powerful. I love what I learned. “
Trainers, HR Staff, and Internal/External Coaches & Consultants
  • “The content, the material, the instructor! Everything was excellent. Excellent presentation, full of practical examples. Galsworth is a gift!”
  • “The visual workplace can be the catalyst, driver, and vehicle to effect a huge cultural transformation. This transformation is extremely important because it leads to an empowered workforce—and an empowered workforce can achieve a long lasting success for our company. It’s what we’ve been needing.”
  • “Have you ever felt like you were close to the edge of failing on a lean transformation engagement? I know the feeling, and I know the fear. Galsworth’s paradigm is a powerful process for training my clients on so they can realize the full potential of lean by meshing the visual/cultural gains of a visual workplace and capturing the spirit of the workforce.”
  • “Watching Galsworth, what I found myself doing during the plant tour [day three] was trying to seek clarity in what was not happening or what people were not doing as a result of not having what they needed (information deficits) to accomplish their work.”
  • “My initial response to the range and quality of the materials was relief: At last, I have something that I can work with for clients whose 5S had stalled. I won’t have to wing it! As the training progressed, I found myself feeling more confident in my role as consultant/advisor in leading/directing a long-term engagement.”
  • “This training filled in the gaps in my knowledge base—especially the blended tetrahedrons of top/down command/control along with the bottom-up/associate-driven hierarchy. That was aight light bulb for me. Excellent content. I now see the importance of blending Lean techniques with Visual Systems.”
  • “The strong, up-front piece for working with management is essential for helping the managers change how they lead and manage as they roll out this approach, philosophy, and way of thinking. This is largely about culture change. Galsworth’s approach will allow us to re-invent ourselves with existing old clients with whom we’ve done basic 5S work, especially if 5S has stalled—as it almost always does.”
  • “The first two days of the Train-The-Trainers were especially enlightening to say the least. Being a highly-experienced Industrial Engineer and lean practitioner, looking for work and process flow comes as natural as eating (and I do enjoy eating!). Galsworth open my eyes—very very wide! I learned so much—and I can use all of it.”
  • “This is great stuff. It fills a gap in our Lean offering. We tell clients that making everything visual is important. Well, we may help them create some visual aides—but we’ve never had a training tool or an implementation methodology for doing that effectively.”
  • “Great value! I don’t know how you can afford to do everything.”
  • “Going to the floor with Galsworth was invaluable. Hearing the actual questions she asked was outstanding and the probing she undertook with a purpose: to learn where the opportunities were, especially in pilot or potential showcase areas.”
  • “Galsworth’s questions and comments got right to the point—and made it easy to determine the level of individual and group understanding. And how ready the organization is for implementing a visual workplace.”
  • “This is a powerful tool to train your clients on, so they can realize the full potential of lean by meshing the visual/cultural gains of a visual workplace and capturing the spirit of the workforce.”
  • “I am totally jazzed to help my clients ‘adopt’ visual thinking and to make it part of their family of methods. I am looking forward to continuing my own visual journey so I can be a better coach.”
  • “The quality of the presentation was excellent. A professional approach based on experience and true-life stories.”
  • “Galsworth’s visual approach is vital for every type of business (it can even help you with your private life and relationships).”
Thought Leaders & Subject Matter Experts
  • “Galsworth is the world’s foremost authority on the visual workplace. She raises the stature of visuality, hardens soft notions about it, and embeds it in structure and theory.

    “Gwendolyn Galsworth, the world’s foremost visual workplace expert, has not taught us how to make operations visual and take the frustrations away from working people, she—alone among thought leaders—has detailed what it takes to make visuality a system.”– Richard J. Schonberger, Ph.D., Author, World Class Manufacturing.

  • “This exceptional approach provides a fresh, vital method for understanding workplace and making it visual through the eyes of value-add associates—as if Dr. Galsworth, herself, is sitting with us—instructing, coaching, and guiding us through a visual conversion one module at a time.”– Alice W. Lee, VP Business Transformation, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Boston
  • “Galsworth takes us to a new level of lean thinking. Her unique methodology provides a visual workplace that allows employees to think differently. I know of no other approach that guarantees such high levels of organizational ownership, self-leadership and therefore sustainment.”– Peter Dobbs, Vice President Operations, Europe, Africa, and Middle East Honeywell Environmental and Combustion Controls (formerly VP/Strategic Improvement, Rolls-Royce plc)
  • “When Dr. Galsworth’s teaches, she always takes us on a unique and powerful visual journey. The result: an excellent and sustainable enterprise. It is in every business’s best interest to learn her approach.”– Stephen Pollard, Chief Business Analyst, Rolls-Royce plc
  • “Galsworth describes visual principles in such detail and with such great passion. She knows how to create a proactive and engaged work culture.”– Dr. Robert W. Hall, Author of Zero Inventories and Soul of the Enterprise
  • “I’ve been a student of management for 30 years, read countless management books and gone to innumerable conferences. I have never found a better, more powerful system of transformation than Galsworth’s. She does that better than anybody.”– Brent R. Allen, Vice President of Operations, Lifetime Products, Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah
  • “Galsworth’s visual site assessment was the doorway to our understanding our current state and just how far ideal was for us. It gave us a clear, firm start and we are more than halfway there. The assessment was key.”– G. Maynard, Engineering Director, Utilities, Dallas, Texas
  • “Galsworth unlocks the mysteries of visuality and lean and awakens the mind to the power and potential of visuality to solve problems and create significant results.”– Lavon R. Winkler, President & CEO, Mid-America Manufacturing Technology Center
  • “Dr. Galsworth continues to produce work in perfect harmony with The Shingo Prize model, with visual concepts, tools, and methods that are essential as companies pursue operational excellence. I recommend Work That Makes Sense to every company…to ensure that what is supposed to happen does happen.”– Robert D. Miller, Executive Director, The Shingo Prize for Operational Excellence
  • “When I began to develop and lead ScoreBoard projects, I realized the severe limitation of Six Sigma’s DMAIC approach. ScoreBoard projects gather details from multiple layers of the organization and blend them into a thick description of the problem. Solutions, therefore, are equally as robust and workable. The SB Method is so systematic and inventive. I love it!”– L. Gasca, Plant Manager, Forklift Factory, Mexico
  • “Dr. Galsworth has ignited a revolution in the culture mindset. She shows us that floors, walls, machines can be made to speak—and to tell, lead, and train.”– Sherrie Ford, Ph.D., Principal, Change Partners & Executive VP of Culture, Power Partners Inc.
  • “Gwendolyn took us to new depths in understanding the power and inventiveness of visual thinking inside and outside the workplace.”– Rick Feller, Manager/Manufacturing Excellence, Plymouth Tube Company
  • “Don’t confuse operator-led visuality with industrial housekeeping, workplace organization or any other kind of 5S. The knowledge and know-how are head-and-shoulders above anything I’ve ever seen. So are results!– Larry Pike, VP/Operations, Lockheed-Martin, Fort Worth, Texas
  • “This was the best train the trainer course I’ve ever attended. The materials, real-life examples, hands-on experiences, and practice sessions were outstanding. An excellent, complete system. Galsworth is remarkable.”– Christie Collins, Training Manager, Fortune 100 Company, Chicago
  • “Galsworth’s visual leadership process delivered on its promise. Where before we were simply managers, we now have a highly effective team of leaders of improvement. Each of us led by a GM who has learned how to decide and drive. This was a very big answer for us that continues to pay off.”– Joe Lewis, VP/Strategic Improvement, Steel Company, Pennsylvania
  • “Our hospital is living proof that the tools and concepts that Galsworth teaches can produce tremendous benefits anywhere. The way we deliver patient care and how we work has improved significantly. Employees want to become visual thinkers.”– Carol Lepper, VP, Strategic Improvement, Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Words from an Excellence Director about our WTMS Online Training System
  • The following words about the WTMS Online Training System were transcribed, verbatim, from a phone conversation with the Process Excellence Director (17 years on the job) at a 400-person bio-medical facility (one of 183 sites, globally).

    “We have made tremendous, tremendous progress with WTMS System. First, at our site it is completely associate-led. No one is pushing it from the executive or even management level. All the leadership is coming from associates!

    The material is so accessible, divided up so we can deliver and teach it in chunks. And associates learn it in chunks. They love it. Plus they go back to listen again and again—only on their own. They are really, really into the material—they schedule Lunch & Learn Sessions and watch the webinars again. Lunch with Gwendolyn! This has been so successful! All on their own!

    With the usual training package, you get 2 or 3 days of training. But there’s never any way to reference what you’ve learned. For instance, when you go to Six Sigma Greenbelt Training, the material is available in paper form only—and it is usually just summarized. So you can’t get to the detail of how you were trained the first time. It’s not the same thing. It’s been diluted. Sure you have a binder or manual. But it’s sterile.

    With WTMS, you can get the exact same training because it’s a webinar—and a really good webinar. And because it is on demand, you can access it again and again. You can review it as many times as you want to get more sense out of it. You can go back and refer to it. It’s just like having the class again, instructor and all.

    Our trainers are doing that. They are going back to the webinars because they want to learn it thoroughly so they can be better coaches. And if an operator misses a session, they go easily through the material themselves and catch up.

    When we saw how great the WTMS material is, we combined our Visual Factory initiative and 5S process. All these teams are very, very excited. There are so many 5S concepts in WTMS—and we see a very, very, deep overlap. But the emphasis in WTMS is on the visual part. There is only so much you can do with plain 5S…then you have to get visual. That’s what WTMS does. It helps operators get visual about their own work.

    The results have been phenomenal. We started in May and got 82 improvement ideas. Our second Blitz in June produced 101 more. Different kinds of improvements to the line. Different devices. Lots of design-to-task and color-code-to-task mini-systems. They alone save a ton of time—and mistakes—from a quality perspective.

    By August, we had 469 implemented improvement ideas. 469! Those are implemented ideas! Done. In place. Making a difference right now. With hundreds more on their way.

    Again, the beauty part is: the Execs are not leading this. Associates are. Operators. Individuals figure out what they need to know to improve in their own work areas.

    They create visual devices. They take ownership. And they run their own Steering Team—made up of operators. They leverage from other lines and move forward. They think across cells—because our cells, our lines, are very similar. They look for where an improvement can apply on other lines. Operators do this!

    We are now developing ways to quantify the impact, financially. Our finance systems are not discrete enough to do that for us—to quantify the impact all these improvements have produced. But we are finding out how.

    The package is phenomenal. It is working for us in ways we never imagined possible. So full of life and great learning.”

Words from a CI Manager about our WTMS Online Training System
  • Here are the emailed comments of the Director of Continuous Improvement of a 140-person factory, after he viewed our WTMS Online Training System.

    I owe you some feedback! First, … your suite is truly fantastic material. “Wowsers.” J

    • I was new to visuality
    • It just makes sense
    • Solid material
    • Simple to follow
    • Professionally portrayed
    • Systematically unrolled
    • Splendid examples
    • Presented with the voice of experience
    • Fills in gaps of Lean
    • Visuality provides for information at the value-add point
    • Visuality offers a powerful tool to sustain, the hardest part of long-term Lean
    • Organizational cohesion and respect for people was addressed through operator-led and operator-empowered visuality, ideals that are important to me personally and to my fellow co-workers
    • Digestible modules divided into bite-size chunks
    • Brilliantly designed to learn the material and then to apply it!
    • Modules that speak to every level of the organization with key management and executive insights, including specific getting started instructions
    • This system walks you through step by step

    Best regards,

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