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Visual Workplace : Visual Thinking (2ND EDITION)


Gwendolyn Galsworth spent three decades establishing the field of workplace visuality and codifying it into a clear and useable model of thinking and implementation: her 10-Doorway Model. This ground-breaking book, written by a hands-on practitioner, is considered by many as the definition of the field itself.

“Galsworth’s unique methodology provides a workplace that allows employees to think differently—to think visually. I know of no other book that guarantees such high levels of organizational ownership, self-leadership, and therefore sustainment.”
Peter Dobbs, Director of Organizational Transformation, Rolls-Royce plc.

While other books touch upon visual tools and practices, Gwendolyn explains the topic with the clarity and depth through concepts, principles, stories, case studies, models, and hundreds of photos of actual visual devices and mini-systems.

It is the first and only book to date that describes the conceptual and practical foundation of the technologies of the visual workplace, explains the eight categories of visual functions—including (but not limited to) visual standards, visual scheduling, visual leadership, visual order/visual inventiveness (her 5Son-Steroids), and the visual machine®. Positioning visual management in its proper order of importance, this book carries the reader from the 5S starting point through to the full power of a visually-transformed enterprise.

Learn how visuality teaches people to think, eliminates abnormalities, sustains lean gains, and aligns and unifies the work culture. Visual Workplace-Visual Thinking, winner of the Shingo Prize, is Dr. Galsworth’s acclaimed seminar in book form—and much, much more.

Visual Workplace Visual Thinking
Visual Workplace/Visual Thinking
Paperback $49.95 (+ shipping)
eBook $27.00
• 278 pages
• 250 full-color examples, figures, charts
• Shingo Prize Award Winner

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“Dr. Galsworth continues to produce work in perfect harmony with The Shingo Prize model, with visual concepts, tools, and methods that are essential as companies pursue operational excellence.“
Robert D. Miller
Former Executive Director/Shingo Prize

Complete Table of Contents and List of Figures and Photos.


Comments on this book from expert practitioners in the field.

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Stimulate and Support Performance Gains

Work That Makes Sense: Operator-Led Visuality


At last! A book that shows you how to get your value-add associates engaged, involved, and inventive. Work That Makes Sense (WTMS) is a complete implementation manual that teaches you how to train, implement, coach, and support operators so your 5S not only lasts but it grows and becomes selfsustaining.

“Gwendolyn Galsworth, the world’s foremost visual workplace expert, has not just written a fine
book about making operations visual, she—alone amongst writers on this topic—has detailed what it takes to make that a system. Read Work That Makes Sense!”

Richard Schonberger, author: Best Practices in Lean, Let’s Fix It!, World Class Manufacturing

Based on more than 30 years in the field, Dr. Galsworth provides the step-by-step method, the tools, the stories, and hundreds of full-color examples of visual devices that front-line associates (the real hands-on experts in your company) need to understand what a visual workplace is, why it’s important to their daily work, and how to create one. Bonus material spells out sixteen key tasks for leaders so they can pro-actively coach and support a WTMS conversion.

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Work That Makes Sense Book Cover

236 glossy pages
600 full-color examples, figures, charts
Shingo Prize Award Winner

“I’ve read a lot of lean books—most are high on rhetoric and woefully short on real-life examples. This book is just the opposite. It’s a fully developed system for designing and implementing a visual production floor through operators.”
Jason Stokes, VINE VOICE

Complete Table of Contents and Index.


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Learn about our WTMS online training system, with over 900 examples and fully narrated by Gwendolyn. This is the Work That Makes Sense book on its feet so you can start training your associates today.

Smart Simple Design/Reloaded


Marketplace globalization has not only triggered unprecedented opportunity but also a level of complexity that can sink mature companies as well as startups—if you don’t learn how to turn product proliferation into effective variety.

Researched and written by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, Shingo Prize-winning author and coach/consultant to some of the world’s most prestigious companies, Smart Simple Design/Reloaded walks you through the dangers and pitfalls of adding variety to your products, parts, and services when those are triggered by obsolete procedures and policies—or simply by an unthinking response to a trigger.

As Galsworth explains, your company’s additions may be re-active and reflexive—instead of rational and intended. The triggers of what Galsworth calls negative variety are myriad. It can start in the design process or the customer interface. Negative variety can be provoked simply because an engineer cannot find the name of an existing part so she orders (or designs) a new one that is often identical. Or a bulging, bungling, blundering data system can be the culprit. Or an accounting department gone awry because staff do not understand the TRUE COST of variety and, as a result, focus on a cost-per-unit price instead the impact of that single new part on the organization’s overall cost-function structure—which can be huge.

Smart Simple Design/Reloaded (SSD/R) is a book that describes the problem in gruesome detail and then offers you a step-by-step methodology for rooting out the causes of negative variety and instituting a new, rational approach in its stead. In it, Galsworth draws on a range of expertise, including fellow experts, Akira Kohdate and Toshiro Suzue, authors of Japan’s variety reduction process.

Based on her 1994 book, Smart Simple Design (published by John Wylie), SSD/R offers a proven solution to the complexity challenge: the Variety Effectiveness Process (VEP). VEP is a highly systematic methodology for minimizing—and then preventing—negative variation and maximizing customer selection, all at a leastcost sum. Through the details of case study, protocols, the Six VATS, and other analytical and improvement tools, Galsworth unfolds the problem scenario and its causes and then walks you through their reversal.

The VEP is so clear and detailed, you can begin implementing, chapter by chapter.

Whether the proliferation that plagues your enterprise is parts, products, services, SKUs, market offerings—or the names of those offerings—SSD/R provides a vision of a better way and the precise, logical roadmap for getting there.

Smart Simple Design Book
Smart Simple Design/Reloaded
Paperback $28.00 (+ shipping)
eBook $14.00
• 260 pages
• 100 figures, charts, and graphs

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“Dr. Galsworth is already established as the world’s premier advocate of visual systems and all that goes with it. She should be equally well known for ‘Smart Simple Design/Reloaded.” The subject matter penetrates the core of manufacturing excellence, because getting product design right generates rippling benefits throughout the business—all the way to the customer. The book’s subtitle sums it up elegantly: ‘Variety Effectiveness and the Cost of Complexity.’
Dr. Richard J. Schonberger, lean expert and author of many, many books

Complete Table of Contents and List of Figures.


Comments on this book from expert practitioners in the field.

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