Visual Thinking & The Visual-Lean® Institute

Dr. Galsworth’s Definition of a Visual Workplace

A work environment that is selfordering, self-explaining, and selfregulating…

…where what is supposed to happen does happen, on time, every time, day or night, because of visual devices.

Visual Thinking & The Visual-Lean® Institute is a training, consulting, and research firm, specializing in the technologies of the visual workplace.

Developed by Dr. Galsworth across three decades of client implementations, these technologies or pathways are the methods that can transform your company into a visual enterprise—a workplace that speaks.

VTI’s team of trainers and affiliates deliver and support these methods at companies all over the world.

Our vision at Visual Thinking Inc. is to help enough companies develop a workforce of visual thinkers and achieve a fully-functioning visual workplace so there is a visual showcase within 50 miles of driving distance from you.

In this way, organizations everywhere will be able to see visual thinking in action and so better understand what a visual workplace is, how it functions—and why it is an indispensable part of every company’s journey to operational excellence.

Dr. Galsworth’s visual methodologies and designs are at the heart of our products and services. Her array of principles and practices is why we are in business and how we can deliver financial and cultural outcomes that are exceptional.

We have defined the field of workplace visuality. We set the standard for the industry.

Dr. Galsworth Trains You, Onsite and Online, to Know Why and How to Visually Transform Your Enterprise

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