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Covid Recovery Sale
June 1 through September 8

Stimulate and Support Performance Gains


Two of Our Most Effective culture transformation products

Visual Workplace/Visual Order DVD Training System
Shingo-winning landmark book
Work That Makes Sense: Operator-led Visuality

We are doing our part to stimulate and support Covid Recovery.

Visual Workplace/Visual Order
DVD Training System

10 Visual Workplace Training DVDs (1 hour each)
(with dozens of operator & manager interviews)
+ Spanish subtitles + 2 Work That Makes Sense Books
+ Tool Kit with 40+ editable forms, exercises, hit lists
+ Instructor Guide + Print-ready color Wall Charts

WAS: $1,200 (+ s/h)
NOW: $350 (+ s/h)

Shingo-Award Winning Book
Work That Makes Sense

Buy 10 books or more at $20 each (+s/h)
“I’ve read a lot of lean books—most are high on rhetoric and woefully short on real-life examples. This book is just the opposite. It’s a fully developed system for designing and implementing a visual production floor through operators.” Jason Stokes, VINE VOICE

WAS: $49.95 (+ s/h)
NOW: $25 (+ s/h)

Dr. Galsworth Trains You, Onsite and Online, to Know Why and How to Visually Transform Your Enterprise

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