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Stimulate and Support Performance Gains

Visual Workplace/Visual Order DVD Training System

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“This marvelous DVD training system reduced our inventory by $15 million in the first year and created an entirely engaged improvement work culture. Our supervisors took the lead across four shifts, coached by us. They love it. Our line workers love it. We love it!!”

S. E., Training Manager, Motorola, Sequin, Texas

This self-standing learning system has helped dozens of companies maximize improvement gains through operators, dramatically increase safety, and eliminate waste.

Now you can effectively train and implement operator-based visual solutions in your company.

  • Create a spirited, engaged & visually-inventive workforce
  • Learn visual principles, concepts, tools & methods
  • Study and apply over 400 actual visual solutions/systems
  • Study and appreciate tons of stories & examples from companies that have used our package to successfully implement Visual Workplace/Visual Order

Visual Order—the indispensable first step on your journey to operational excellence

Spanish Subtitles
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WAS: $1,200 (+ s/h)
NOW: $350 (+ s/h)


  • 10 Visual Workplace/Visual Order Modules: At the heart of your system are ten DVD training modules. Each module is divided into three to four mini-lessons (segments), with a hands-on exercise and action assignment. This makes it easy to deliver the instruction over several brief sessions—or cover a single module in one session.
    • More than 10 hours of instruction, actual examples, case studies, tools, interviews, insights, methods, hands-on exercises, and over 400 actual visual solutions.
    • Spanish subtitles (at a click)
  • The Visual Workplace/Visual Order Tool Kit: A set of over 100 pages of module-by-module exercises, checklists, formats, worksheets, and other special forms to support your implementation process. Plus what you need to develop and implement an Official Improvement Time Policy in your company. (Delivered electronically)
    • Many pages are in Microsoft Word so you can personalize and customize them to better fit your company needs and goals.
  • Two Podcasts. Hear Dr Galsworth as she shares vital information on how to effectively train value-add associates in Visual Workplace/Visual Order—and how managers and executives can effectively lead the implementation. (Delivered electronically)
  • The Visual Workplace/Visual Order Instructor Guide. Over 200 pages of training steps and design for effectively training and coaching, and an action plan for launching a successful implementation (pdf file so you can duplicate). Dr. Galsworth shares practical training and coaching guidance for a successful implementation. (Delivered electronically)
  • Two copies of Dr. Galsworth’s Shingo-Award book: Work That Makes Sense. A book that shows you how to get your value-add associates engaged, involved, and inventive. A complete implementation manual that teaches you how to train, implement, and support operators so their visual solutions grow and become self sustaining. (Shipped separately)

Dr. Galsworth Trains You, Onsite and Online, to Know Why and How to Visually Transform Your Enterprise

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