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Descriptions of Ten DVD Modules

Promo Module. Overview of the System. This DVD shows you the components in your DVD Training System* and how they support a successful implementation of 5S+1: Visual Order.(20 minutes)

*Please note: Several elements cited in this module are not physically included but, instead, are provided as duplicatable files; namely, The Instructor Guide, the two Podcasts, and the 5S+1 Tool Kit. (The Associate Handbook is not included in this Sale.)

Module 1. The Basics of Visual Thinking. First, Dr. Galsworth defines what a visual workplace is and why it is crucial to the excellent enterprise, showing dozens of actual examples. Then she explains what visual order means and how it not only creates a clean, orderly, and visually-inventive workplace that is tour-ready all the time—but also generates dramatic reductions in waste. In Module 1, the process of visual thinking begins. (60 minutes)

Module 2. The Laminated Map + S1/Sort, S2/Scrub, S3/Secure Safety. First you and your team learn about a company’s Improvement Time Policy and then how to use the Laminated Map to find and keep a tight implementation focus. Then you learn (and apply) the first three steps in the 5S+1 process: S1/Sort Through; S2/Scrub the Workplace; S3/Secure Safety. Learn what the first “S” actually stands for in the 5S+1 process. (45 minutes)

Module 3A. S4/Select Locations (Smart Placement + Value Field). In the first module on this DVD, Dr. Galsworth reviews key points on Improvement Time tracking, the Laminated Map and Motion Metrics. Then you begin to learn about S4: Select Locations, Smart Placement, and the Value Field. (45 minutes)

Module 3B. S4/Select Locations (What-Is Map + Could-Be Map). In the second module on this DVD, you learn about S4 Mapping, and how to develop and apply the What-Is Map first—and then the Could-Be Map—to determine Smart Placement and improve the existing flow into and through your area by applying the formula: Function + Location = Flow. (45 minutes)

Module 4. S5/Set Locations. Now learn all about 5S/Set Locations—what it is, why it is important, and how to use it to implement the Automatic Recoil: the ability of a work item to find its way back to its visually-designated location, based solely on its border, address, and (as applies) ID label. Here is the visual payoff for diligently implementing the first four steps of Visual Order. (60 minutes)

Module 5A. Inertia & Resistance and +1 Sustain. Time to learn how to deal with the natural byproducts of change—inertia and resistance. Through the Parable of the Rowers, Dr. Galsworth names common mistakes we can make on our improvement journey. Then you learn about the first four of the Nine +1 Tools, used to build and sustain visual order and make it a way of life. (45 minutes)

Module 5B. Visual Mini-Systems. After you and your teams find out about Supply Carts (another + 1 Sustain Tool), you learn how to create a Visual MiniSystem—a cluster of visual devices aimed at a single performance outcome and an excellent way to stay focused and involved. Mini-Systems become an important part of making your work area speak. Lots of examples are shared. (40 minutes)

Module 6A. Management Walk, Checklists, Empowerment. Discover how to turn your Laminated Map “green” through the next two +1 Tools: The Management Walk and Checklists-Patrols. Pave the way to sustainability through people. Then learn the difference between the Top/Down and IDriven approaches. (45 minutes)

Module 6B. Case Studies: Harris, Seton, Denison Hydraulics. Now consider the visual case studies of three companies that have implemented 5S+1: Visual Order. See area teams in action, applying the very methodology you are now learning. Dozens and dozens of actual visual solutions let you see the power of visual thinking “in action!” (45 minutes)

Module 7. Customer-Driven Visual Order. The final module teaches you Customer-Driven Visual Order. Time to learn how to implement the second of the two driving questions: What Do I Need to Share? Help your internal and external customers and suppliers—the true customers of your information— feel safe, smart, and connected. (60 minutes)

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