Onsite Seminar

We see the relationship between visuality and lean like the two wings of a bird. One wing is for lean: time , the critical part , and pull. Each wing is unique- and both wings are required in order for the bird to fly.

Would a bird wonder which of its two wings is more important? would you?

Your company needs both visual and lean to get of the ground, sustain flight, and reach its destination and grow. This is the visual-lean® journey to operational excellence.

If you are already actively deploying lean.

The power of visuality will take your implementation deepar and wider, and enable you to:
a) eliminate minute information deficits that plague the worlplace; and
b) Create powerful visual linkages between all operational functions, including quality, maintenance, support, and admin.

“This is great stuff. It fills a gap in our Lean offering. We tell clients that making everything visual is important. And we may help them create some visual aides. But we’ve never had a training system doing that effectively. This is it! VTI’s approach will allow us to re-invent ourselves with existing old clients with whom we’ve done basic 5S work, especially if it has stalled.”

~Great Stuff

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