Visual Conversion

The Visually-Transformed Enterprise

A full visual conversion makes your company’s informational landscape transparent, builds a new way of thinking in the enterprise, and transforms your visual CPK into stability and growth.

Visual Conversion

Companies that pursue operational excellence often overlook the environment in which excellence happens: the physical workplace. This is the domain of visuality. The outcome of a successful visual conversion is a vast system of interconnected visual devices that imbed your current level of operational detail into the performance landscape.

A company-wide visual conversion typically begins with an onsite Visual Thinking Seminar and a Visual Site Assessment—followed by a discussion with your executive team to decide on the best starting place, given your organizational goals, strengths, and needs.

The question that is then asked and answered is this: which of the ten doorways is the best place to begin the visual conversion—and why.

When that is determined, we work with you to establish an improvement infrastructure that will support the transformation. If you already have one (sometimes titled your “Opex Office”), we find ways to strengthen it. If you do not, we help you build one.

The process of a visual conversion makes your company’s informational landscape transparent, building a new way of thinking into the enterprise and a new way of solving problems. Let the workplace that speaks.

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“Our visual conversion gave us the stability we needed— and as importantly—a cultivated, spirited and engaged work culture. Now we can go back and do lean right—but not cookie-cutter lean. We will implement the lean that is important to us because, thanks to our visual conversion, we know what that is.”

B.A.R., VP/Strategy & Growth,
Fortune 100 Manufacturer

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