Visuality in Action: Sears Case Study

When Sears Home Services launched operator-led visuality in Product Repair Services, the goal was to shave five minutes off of each home visit that 8,400 repair technicians made daily, nation-wide. The multiple of those five minutes would mean millions in additional revenues. The improvement focus was the repair truck which contained everything technicians need to make repairs. Technicians were entirely in charge of their work—the truck was not only their lifeline, to many it felt like their own private company. Sears was new to the power of visuality to embed, align, and drive. A year later, district revenues went up by $1.5 million and customer satisfaction (rated exclusively on Perfect 10 scores) went up 300 basis points. Reschedules and cancels went down by 28,000 customers—balanced perfectly with the influx of 28,000 new customers. The year Sears launched workplace visuality, the district was 47 in a field of 67. Two years later, it was number one—in the nation!* The methodology focus was operator-led visuality — Work That Makes Sense, launched in a low-performing district in California.

* Excerpted from Dr. Galsworth’s book, Visual Thinking.

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