WTMS Operator Modules: Clips

Watch the following clips to get an overview of what’s in each Operator module.

Operator Module 11A The Four Power Levels of Visual Devices: Visual Indicators + Visual Signals

Module 11A, the Four Power Levels of Visual Devices, is the first of two modules that show your associates how to increase the visual effectiveness of their devices so these are more reliable in ensuring that what is supposed to happen, does happen.

This module targets the first two power levels: visual indicators (still useful but with no power at all) and visual signals (some power). As your operators begin to understand the difference, they can also begin to create more successful devices. Anchored in dozens of visual teaching examples, this learning leads to the next steps your teams can follow now that they have put the foundation in place (the visual where and visual mini-systems). Associates are ready for more advanced visual solutions: visual displays, visual metrics, visual dashboards, flags, andons, and others. Dozens or visual indicators and visual signals are examined in this module alone.

“Exceptional, viewing the workplace through the eyes of value-add
associates—instructing, coaching, and guiding us through a visual conversion.”
Alice W. Lee
VP, Business Transformation, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center